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Going through my list of folks that know me from my show Youtrax tv where I do interviews with be best singers and comedians from Youtube and wanted to let you see my new channel in hopes that you might help me by subscribing to it. Thanks so much
http://www.youtrax.tvNOW CLOSED CAPTIONED IN MULTIPLE LANGUAGES, Let's make fun of the news. Justin Bieber new Tattoo, Lindsay Lohan, Tori Spelling,Tiger Woods, Larry King, President Obama, George Bush, Sex Rehab, Jesse James, BP Oil Spill Leak i... my kingdom
My kingdom does not tolerate any violence, as a crime whatever, that, does any violence against an innocent whatever? he will fall under my opinion: immediately! is why, in the world any violence and any poverty will disappear very soon: Throughout the world, for I have faith to do all this: that is, my universal brotherhood, why I am UniusREI!
many believe that it is the sinfulness of a person to make of him a satanist .. in a very wily: Satanists say "you've gone too far to turn back to God!" .. but the opposite is true .. God has no problem with your sin .. so, you do not let Satan drag also you too: in its destruction! Satan knew that I would struggle on behalf of all my children: and all my children Muslims to liberate them from the violence of Sharia! thus, the Satanists: have converged en masse: to ask for my friendship with the intention of trying to prevent: my ability to send messages .. lol. but the Spirit Holy? has already prepared: an appropriate response against them, so, once again can enjoy the taste of defeat.
ritchloui said: Muhammad produced no miracles and when pressed he claimed that his miracle is the Quran. Yet a cursory look at the Quran reveals that this book is full of errors. Quran is replete with scientific heresies, historic blunders, mathematical mistakes, logical absurdities, grammatical errors and ethical fallacies. It is badly compiled and it contradicts itself. There is nothing intelligent in this book let alone miraculous. Muhammad challenged people to produce a "Surah like it" or find an error therein, yet Muslims would kill anyone who dares to criticize it. In such a climate of hypocrisy and violence? truth is the first casualty.­m/ The hijab has now become a brand. The brand of Islam and of Islamic imperialism and the use and abuse of women as a human shield for evil domineering men. Domestic violence against Muslimas by their families is SO widespread that they are ALL required to dress in such a way that no-one can see the extent of their injuries; the clipped ears, smashed bodies and, where it's really bad, smashed faces. The Muslim Qur'an (Koran) and Muslim Hadith are unique among all the sacred writings in the entire world -- because they alone counsel its followers to make war on unbelievers. Any thoughtful reader will be forced to admit that evil literally "drips" from their pages. One in every 55 verses in the Muslim Qur'an consists of this fake god Allah insisting that Muslims make war on unbelievers: Muslims have got their work all ahead of them in their desire to defend Islam against 'slander'. Are these men Islam's enemies or spokesmen? Abu Hamza: "In an Islamic land if you find a kuffir you can either sell him in the market or just kill him. It's ok" Hassan Nasrallh, Muhajadin Secretary General "The most honorable killing and the most glorious martyrdom is when a man is killed for the sake of Allah". If Musims can't take on and defeat these men then they are going to have to rely on non-Muslims to do it for them. In such a case, it will be difficult for non-Muslims to distinguish between the supposedly different kinds of Muslim. Especially as both types of Muslim still regard the spread of Islam and its doctrines to be their duty as Muslims
Aisha narrated that the Prophet was betrothed (zawaj) to her when she was six years old and he consummated (nikah) his marriage when she was nine years old, and then she remained with him for nine years" Saheeh al-Bukhari, Vol 7 Bk 62 No 64. The video link watch?v=TYpH3QL0i9w is basically an attempt at excusing this child molestation by a 54 year old man on a 9 year old girl by comparing it to the laws of Dark Age England. We call them the Dark Ages for a reason. Another Muslim FAIL. [[Non-Muslim inventions]]ot one, I repeat, NOT ONE, scientific contribution was made in Arabia itself, the home of Islam. ALL the progress was made in the already advanced civilisations of Assyria (Iraq), Persia (Iran) because these civilisations had collected and valued the works of the Ancient Greeks, Byzantines, Chinese and Indians. They continued their work for a while under their new ignorant masters, but eventually the Imams and their bandit enforcers reduced these civilisations to their own level of barbarity and stupidity. So now they religiously set about burning their foreheads on carpets in subjection as though this will make them 'worthy' of Mo the Molester's alter-ego Allah. Hadiths, particularly Bukhari, is a one-dimensional take on Mohammed and turned his message into a clearly evil doctrine. It seems that some very cruel and ambitious men got together and spun everything into a ghastly justification of their greed, perversity and longing for slaughter. They simply see Islam as validating their vicious desire to bully and kill people. This seems to go right to the top, with thousands of Sheiks and Imams literally glorifying killing and saying it is far better than living and in fact, is the only guaranteed way into paradise. It's just too crazy. It is going to be very difficult to protect innocent, good people from the bloodshed these awful men are provoking. The problem with this is that Mohammed himself was committed to attacking, converting, enslaving or killing anyone who did not adhere to his new religion. This is called imperialism. Furthermore, over 70% of the land currently regarded as Islamic were originally Christian.
@ QuranVsHadith - I do not know the English spoken, but is not the first time, that: Muslims important in youtube: (particolrmente this is despicable) have made slander against Copts, etc. .. This behavior is despicable .. [watchv=oHfBbB7LcCM] In fact, I have recognized in this video: scenes of "corpses" of Christian martyrs: that: have been passed (interpreted) as the corpses of Muslims .. and that, moreover, have been blamed: for have tried to get a legitimate reaction: that is, self-defense: this is putting goats on the same plane with the sheep! indeed, there are no Christian terrorists in the world
[[I am lorenzojhwh or lorenzoAllah]] there is not a culture of aggression of the Christians, as, unfortunately, there is a culture of aggression for Muslims: so: they were been all extinct Christians in all Muslim countries .. so, it is difficult to find a Muslim who condemns the sharia: to affirm the right to freedom of religion, namely, the ability to live peacefully and in prosperity my kingdom

cherrypopsiclesful said: Brought to you by the straw hair transplant corporation! Official sponsor of david duke. ANSWER- i true I am zionist for kingdom of Israel and Palestine. why, i am king of israel. ie, He didn't make it through the first part. Go watch Esoteric Agenda. And refute that shit. David Duke is perfect to denounce the "enlightened" because they decided to destroy everything with the 3rd nuclear WW. as Satanists: they will come out from underground bases: when life on the planet has been "purified"..I am the political

[[3347251894]]a Giuliano Melani. He Did not make it through the first part. Go watch Esoteric Agenda. And refute that shit. kind friend, an nation is into debt in two ways: 1. if, consumes more of That he produces (and this not: you can say: of the Italians are a of people: lazy parasites). Or, 2. if an: nation is forced to buy: rigged with prices: with bad of one only and sole monopoly of the World: ie Jewish lobbies: of NWO IMF. oil, raw materials, etc. and even: his own money: that, as everyone knows, comes from the only one alone:"International Monetary Fund" that, is of only property of private Jews Banker called "Illuminati":

@ComunitaEbraicaRoma--- they are an: S.p.A. of: Rochefeller Rothschild & Company Bush who dominate the world: where:Dante Alighieri (Holy prophet poet) saw this danger, and spoke In the Divine Comedy(in his 1200) all the religions, like all the: ideologies have an absolute truth to offer, but when this corporations or collective body social of head lice, or flock of hyenas, etc. (such as they have a great "love, solidarity" in their group of peer), but, when this collective body: it becomes an Institution that is their truth were been in mode initial, as an proposal, but like becomes a project of imperialism:

that is an truth. by impose through the destruction of the other that is, to make dangerous to the enemy, they "try create" ideologically, all those reasons of to do an enemy, That may justify or make it inevitable the destruction of the enemy after that the enemy is been make created/made ​​him dangerous indeed, fortunately,"synagogue of Satan" that, not it is the Jews: as a people, but are the Illuminati and all their occult Institutions"trilateral" "bildenberg" ie, our regime of the IMF or New World Order, Freemasonry, Satanism, etc.. they are, That, have occupied all our institutions:

Government: in the name of that Constitution, "That, it not provides for the sale of the our monetary sovereignty, etc. why, all these "family" of: devil: follow the cult of: Lucifer and: this is not provable: only by Mazzini, Cavour, Garibaldi, Albert Pike(Pope of Freemasonry and the founder of the KKK: Ku Klux Klan [/watch?v=2cX4P7NZPqg] fortunately Synagogue of satan"(that has his agenda) has done passed, at the Catholic Church, every aspiration of Imperialism. but, is clear this demon of the religion still lives in the his veins. and this is evident if we look at Islam that is been not able to adequately address: the issue of secularism: that, this costs Hundreds of Christian martyrs: every day, hidden from the monopoly Hebrew (deviation) hidden by the media and institutional NWO-IMF: ie, freemansons, satanists elightened.

because this is that must be said: "if, They had helped all the peoples and all religions, then, satanists would had to lose: their power of domain: ie, universal control, so, they have worked for the destruction of all peoples and of:all the religions which is why Israel will be totally destroyed, in this imminent: 3° WW Nuclear why, first,they true goal agenda of the Illuminati is the genocide of all Jews faithful to YHWH. In fact, the small group of enlightened is functional only in itself! -no. There's no more time to lose! rarely of the various: collective bodies: that are institutions, ideologies religions, views policies: emerge rises an extraordinary man: as "lorenzojhwh" That is the person that has alone: DETECTION for to be alone and perfect in itself:

to rise against everyone and everything and of not to have you need: or, of some institutional mediation or religion and since, he has a direct relationship with God: he is a man with only with God: YHWH! here's why: lorenzojhwh not has most in need of an tradition or of a foundation cultural or of an specific identity because God himself is the beginning and the end of the all-things that is my charisma of the totality of all system cultural and religious and politic of the world that is the justice and the truth to the absolute level. thy the man, it's me, That I am the King of Israel and Father of the whole human race that is: Rei Unius, the Mahdi of the people of Palestine: I am the kingdom of God on the Earth! I am the smallest of the men!

@Benjamin Netanyahu -
@IsraelNationalTV --- the time has come to attack Iran! because they rejected my universal brotherhood and killed many christian martyr every day! why, Iranians and all muslims cursed by Mohammed for have a special vocation for self-destruction? for do genocide against us?@youtube - what they think all those gays, cowards against me? they are saying against: me behind my back? Us with ours, secularism: democracy: tolerance, respect: for human rights, etc... we give space continuously, to these Satanists of sharia, but: these have conquered: every day for their deception of all: their crimes, violence, murder: massacres, and absolute intolerance: that is why, the only possible solution: is the massacre: against all Muslims country! but the Muslims want to hurt against, everyone, this is obvious. knows very well: the King of Saudi Arabia, that his money is transformed into violent imperialism, against the poor innocent Christians all over the world! arrived, even for him, the time to get down to hell!
@IsraelNationalTV--- enlightened jews bankers: IMF, they wont do war nuclear for destry Israel: permanently. but I want to save Israel, although, Israel has become a racist country, that hates Christians, because it has based its national identity, not about democracy, but, on the Jewish religious identity. But the blame for this disaster? it is only the rabbis! if all Muslim nations: do not remove the Sharia? and if not proclaim the equality: all citizens: for true freedom of religion? I am in favor: not only to attack Iran, but: to attack: all Muslim nations! every day I ask God to do evil to sinners! but he says no, because: it is useless to raise a ministry: any: to do harm to sinners .. because, sinful men, unconsciously left: alone, in their freedom: they know: well, how to destroy themselves: by alone. lol. is so, that, I understood: as, lol. Rei unius my ministry, serves only to do good.. I'm sorry, that all the elite of world lit, etc. .. were compromised, with these beings: Marduk: god owl: grove abduction, 666 322, etc. .. multidimensional alien beings, etc., ... and now in addition to destroying themselves: they should destroy all mankind. but, for me: to free all them: from this nightmare: in the Jewish temple? is an easy thing!
@IsraelNationalTV - this is really terrible! If Christians had not won: the overwhelming naval forces at Lepanto: and (six times more numerous) Turkish armed in Vienna (Albareale)? Today, worldwide, would be: one only damn Sharia! Because: even the most beautiful religion in the world, ie, my holy Islam, when it becomes an imperialism: for the conquest of the world? is pure satanism! In fact, Islam of Saudi Arabia: and all muslims country: is pure satanism today! .. that's why I do not I respect David Duke, because, and as a rabbit, in order not to be devoured by the tiger (IMF), then prefer to be devoured by the panther (Qur'anic Islam). it's true: between me and God? there's a story! .. God did not want to create to me: a climate of subjection to its superiority, because God is infinitely humble and gentle, but this is not a reason for me, of to be disrespectful or arrogant towards him. But God has not given me a religion to follow, so I live like a man independent of a religious formalism: in fact, I think as an atheist. see? Today(24-12-2011) it is a solemn day: I have painted: the gate of the garage: from 10.30 to 16.30. I know, that is God, as all celestial beings: they look to me. but what I can do? I am only a sinful man! this only I know! I have nothing to fear from the multi-dimensional beings: demons, aliens, etc. .. indeed they could not, either, come near to me, without being disintegrated! Shalom!
@Benjamin Netanyahu - if there not will be a historical revisionism: immediate: for all the bullshit: that the rabbis have moved: and enlarged: from generation to generation: that is, for all the racist and criminal, of, their Talmud and their IMF? will be impossible to escape this: 3 ° WW nuclear! because, like an avalanche that large itself: more and more, in a his devastated descent and progressive: ie, for the crisis mystical and racist: of the first rabbi of the Temple of Jerusalem, that: has put in mode writing, the book of Exodus, etc. .. ? is this taht later: has make led to bleed the children Christians, for to consecrate the synagogues and founded the predation and the extermination of the International Monetary Fund or bank seigniorage: stolen from the Jews Bankiers lenders: through the masonry for to do bleed all the peoples !

VATICAN has not served or dodge
[[PRESIDENT RON PAUL 2012]]Commento al tuo video: Rick Perry Intimidate Ron Paul During IMF FMI FED BCE NWO WW talmud illuminati
americanIDOLfan11111 SAID: When Ron Paul becomes president.. he wont even need a secret service.. because he will be the first president that regular civilians will jump in front of a bullet for... and we would bitch slap Rick Perry...
BetyarPali SAID: Ron Paul is the only intelligent, honest and truly patriotic candidate. The other candidates are dishonest, morally corrupt agents of special interests. America needs Ron Paul to be President. --ANSWER-- BUT, the rich like this system: of the Masonic banking seigniorage system (666,322 in the grove of owl god: ie, baal: IMF), they have no fear of God's justice, that will make their all guilty: disastrously of all: of 3 world wars: because: it is precisely in this forthcoming: this 3 ° WW nuclear: that they will all die! If there not had been: the IMF? There not would be: Hitler and there would have been: no: Holocaust: why is the racism of these: rabbis cursed: Illuminati: is The eternal curse: of my people Israel.
[[New Zealand Dollar]] Does anyone realize that were on the brink of financial collapse?? Do you know that the American dollar is at this point imaginary money?? America will be a 3rd world country by the next election if we dont stop the machine now!! It's our constitutional duty to stand up and stop the Government when it oversteps its bounds! according to the constitution, The reason for the federal government is to protect our individual liberty..Thats it! Bring the power back to the people! Ron Paul 2012! If the American people allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson
@ youtube - we hope that even for these: Presidential election: of Ron Paul: ie, "campaign: 2012": there are no electoral fraud: as we were been: for "poor" Kerry, because he had did the dirty things, with Bush, in their Masonic sect: 322: "skull and bones"? Then he had to keep quiet and had to accept the decision of Freemasonry: that had not chosen him to be president of the U.S.! WHY EVERYONE WHO: that: do not report THE CURRENT MASONIC SYSTEM OF BANKING seigniorage: 666 322: Seigniorage of IMF FED ECB EU NWO WW: atheists are, in fact, all followed the path of hell: and for them the fact of be very religious, will be only for a worsening of their condition!
@TheWhyareyouracist jews and muslims, ecc..? if they want to survive? they must have to trust me! no, I DO NOT HAVE tHE POWER, OF SAVE tHEIR LIVES: if they do not want to renounce: at sharia and to the Talmud! because they are two Satanism irreconcilable: no form of imperialism: is in my universal brotherhood!
LIBERTYALONE SAID: YA WHY SHOULD WE AUDIT THE UNCONSTITUTIONAL NON-FEDERAL ANTI-AMERICAN PRIVATE BANKING CARTEL WHO HAS A MONOPOLY ON OUR MONOPOLY MONEY? MAKES NO SENSE I TELLS YA .. JUST DONT MAKES NO SENSE. --ANSWER- banking seigniorage: the IMF, is the greatest crime: of the story! So you can not talk about this, because all politicians are criminals and accomplices: of the masonic Jewish usurocracy!
MultiSamsoon SAID: Christian Sonia hijacking India for her vatican masters. --ANSWER-- bad India, Coward Indu hinduist kill poor innocent Christian martyrs Orissa dalit. WHY YOY ARE BAD: GANDHI NOT HAS YOUR ANSWER: NO! VATICAN has not served or dodge: YOU ARE THE ONLY SON OF THE DEVIL!
[[Horror sharia] Eritrea is the country: with the most: the prisoners of conscience, 40 000, and: it: Country: Africa: with the most: as Christians, 3,000, mostly evangelicals, imprisoned: because of the faith: in containers of iron. in depression: the: and Danakil: tortured. Without: the West: rises: a single voice of protest. the nation: Muslim less: bad? is Turkey .. In fact, Christians do not suffer in Turkey: more: for they are: practically: extinct!

devastating power of: Unius Rei

[The devastating power of: Unius Rei
[]]: If I am Unius Rei: that is the Governor: Universal: sent by the Kingdom of God on this: colony penal: ie: the planet earth! I has the total politic powers of representation of Kingdom of God... So: this is my power: namely, to have: the word creative! because: only: this could be the meaning of delegation: in white: that has give God: to me, because: I can exercise a ministry of universal political. The responsibilities of God: are only to ones to realize: as, I have said: in time and in manner: which He has chosen! @ramadann1431--- there is no Antichrist: or maitreya: that: he can think: of fight against: Unius Rei. because: they know: as: I swat them: like flies: on the wall! but: I am not motivated: by feelings: of revenge: about: the Christian martyrs, that were killed: before: of my rising! and because: I will accept: the submission: even of the demons? then: I will not refuse: the help: of anyone!
@israelnationaltv-- Neturei Karta: ie: "2628342". they are the: most squalid: that: I know! 1. they have sold: Israel: at the destruction: already programmed. 2. are the main allies: of the Satanism: of Rothschild: and the: IMF: 3. they know: that: will be: a huge massacre: on a global scale: 4. but, they would say: we are innocent: about: the IMF and Israel: people do not kill us! 5. but: the Kaballah of Rothschild? he never spared: the Jews! indeed: it is for: my powers: of: Unius Rei, that: I can rip to Satan, from inside: the hell: [where is the 60%: ​​of the whole: human race] that is: all those lost souls: and all the demons, that, they will accept: that: they will want: to enter: my service: for subduing: themselves: to my power! That God: may be glorified, supremely! and be supremely humiliated Satan! however, I have a pain .. with this my ministry? I postponed: the end, of this: Mankind Criminal: and consequence: manifestation: of: Anti Christ: and Christ: about: of 300 years later..
@IsraelNationalTV: certain: I am always aware: When you talk about me .. this happens: every time: that: I has writing: an article .. is as follows: 1. the intensity of ultrasound: in the right lobe: of my brain? are the comments: of my friends: 2. and ultrasound: in the left lobe: of my brain? are my enemies! but: my enemies? they no longer have a life, because: God has said to me: "Sit thou at my right: hand, until: I put: all of your enemies: a footstool: for: your feet!" here because: their resistance: is useless .. In fact, good men: they will not do: kill themselves: by Rothschild: this time! "one King: for one Kingdom" - ♰ AMEN ♛ MENE Techel PERES: in Jesus's name! Racist Zionist elite Masons Islamist leaders to accomplices of the IMF-World Order: ie: all Satanists? have no right to speak: in Israel! because: if: I look: in my face: all those: who insist: on speaking ill: of me? are those: who: have: filled their: the bill: in the bank, but: no longer have: a life in the Kingdom of God: because: they themselves have: hundreds of millions: of people: that are starved: to death, for their guilty etc. .. etc. .. all the people death: on their conscience .. at contrary: they no longer have a conscience .. that's why: their word: as their opinion? has no value!
LaVeraDottrina said: Pope Eugene IV, Council of Florence, SESS. XI Bull "Cantate Domino", 1442: "(The Most Holy Roman Church) firmly believes, professes: and preaches: that none of those: that: they are out: the Catholic Church, not only pagans: but: also Jews or heretics and schismatics , can acquire: eternal life, but, that will go: into eternal fire - ANSWER - yOU AND YOUR Pope: PRE-VATICAN II? yOU confuse. SALVATION: (DONATED tO GOD: FOR tHE MERITS OF CHRIST: to all good man: WITH the DIVINE NATURE .. because: of inaccuracies existed: in the past! this SHOULD be ADJUSTED: As, EVER: the TRADITION: or: the TEACHINGS: WILL BE HIGHER: of the SAME WORD of GOD.. with this structure: of Chinese boxes? you do: the Talmud: or: the Koran: of the Christian: to kill all: who do not think: like you! but: that's why: I'm Unius Rei: ie: to open: the Kingdom of God: to non-Christians! BUT: AS YOU CAN CONCEIVE: A GOOD GOD: THAT SEND you, at the HELL: ONLY: WHY: you DO NOT FORM PART: OF one RELIGION?! BUT, WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE: THERE: BETWEEN: YOU AND: JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES, JEWS: MUSLIMS: etc. .. that is, all the others? that: difference: there is: between: your formalism: and formalism: of the scribes and Pharisees? God wanted: all very simple: way: he would not have damaged: the lowly: simple: uneducated! You're out: either: you're in: Christianity: only: for the respect: of the two basic tenets! here's why: Jehovah's Witnesses: can not be Christians! in the complexity? is Satan! actually I am the greatest enemy: of modernism: and masonry: why: I has hit: at his heart: the IMF: or, banking seigniorage
kwv1 said: 1. o you belive, that the whole bible: is true (new: and old: testament)? you believe, that Jesus Christ is messiah: and that Jesus is God? you believe, that the only SALVATION: is in Jesus? is necessary to be born again, if you want to be rescued from hell? --ANSWER- 1. only: the Old Testamen:t has been corrupted: in a few passages (from: which the Talmud: was born) .. but: the prophets: have correct: the corrupted! 2. of course! 3. of course, but, in his goodness: He will not reject: the good people! 4.NO! is only to receive the divine nature!
@ 2628342 ->
How could: the ministers of God: like you, tolerate, to be the accomplices and even be the supporters: the most powerful form: of Satanism, that, has ever existed in the history of mankind? Since: Popes and the Catholic Monarchs: they knew: very well: 1. [[as you have washed: your sins in the blood of Christian babies: lambs: animals in human form,]] 2. [[All the hatred of your Talmud]]: it is clear they thought they could control this situation .. but now they are all dead! But, without love (mercy and compassion) of the Catholic Church and the Catholic Princes: to: our shared patriarchs, etc. .. etc. ..? today would not exist: one only jew: into the world: such as you have been cursed mightily: by IMF: Illuminati rabbis kakam:: scribes and Pharisees! ! Now, return to us: the gift of life that has been done to you: you take down: you destroy the IMF!