of course: my body

by HellxDesPairTruction
by HellxDesPairTruction
@ AIPAC -> that is the how: like: 666Rothschid and 322Bush: have condemned to you and yours: in an atomic despair: for not have assigned to you: a mini apartment in the depths of the earth? But, what is less scary for you: that is, what is best for you: 1. the wrath of the people? or Satanists and aliens in the deep, of the heart: of the earth, that widely: they are habit to eating: the human flesh? How, in what way, you will do the death for choking of the mice in the ground? why, the your poor children: were been destined with you, to be together in to the hell! I do not know anybody who deserves to die more than you! Yet, God must have a liver infinite if it has just sent me to save a turd like you!
@ AIPAC - if you do not stop persecuting Christianity? None of you be can withstand the wrath of God: this time it will burn, how and more much more as has burned: in the crematoria of "Auschwitz Birkenau". In fact, God wants to see allies, so in mode powerful: Christianity and Judaism: you stop doing: the Satanists of the penis fucking!
@ AIPAC - you will not be afraid, if, I destroyed Zionism: racist and Satanist, who comes from the Talmud! You do not be afraid, to give: to me, control of the IMF- New World Order: Because, I has swear to God, for the reverge: all the martyrs, Christians and Jews: that, are been make in these: 1400 years, by Muhammad and the his accursed muslims of Koran (that is another: the apocryphal Gospel): that muslims murderes have did: through the sharia. I swore to God and to all the martyrs, who I will kill also: the last Muslim, who wants to raise the sharia: to threaten even the whole human race! But God said to me, that in reality the Muslims, are not bad (as you)! "In fact they renounce at Sharia: spontaneously"
Glory to God in His Heavenly Temple Hebrew: house of all people! hallelujah for my universal brotherhood!: the company is dying, men are losing faith and peoples are losing hope: people give up more and more all: to Satan is here because, I am forced to do harm to the rich : selfish and accomplices of the IMF-New World Order.
@Drakecul -- if you have a false God? then you are an false man: also. But if you seek the living God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob: that is said Israel. [() not does this abomination of Israel's: of Masonic banking seigniorage (). with the star satanic of Rothschild: on its flag]. then, you'll be a real man! ie, not a Freemason, ie, not a Satanist, not a liar of the IMF- New World Order. you can never become the prey of an ideology or of a religion!
@ Furstenfeldbruck - As you are sure that God is not real? if you are 100% sure? So, in this case should not be difficult for you: to give to me, under oath, your soul on this page! you know, that Satanists have a duty to kill all those who remain without a soul? You know that a poor man: he has sold his soul for many: money, and then, though poor: he went to redeem it?

of course: I have no an sin that can be evident: in pubblic! However, maybe I exaggerate: to declare the sin withinin me, why, is invisible to other. But this is for all sinners to encourage. In fact, if God uses me: in mode powerfully? Then God can use anyone, because for God? To him? sin does not exist! God suffers to see how the sin: do hurt to us. because God created us: to love us and Allah suffer to see: our misfortune
of course: my body, so bodily: reject sin: that is repulsive for him: how, too: rejects the absolute holiness and purity of God is this my will! I want to be like: all men in all their contradictions. Since it is the cowardly weakness of human nature: that, I has wanted to find: and in fact: I have found: a street, to go into the kingdom of God, that is very more powerful of the mystical: Because, come: the denial of mystical same: shut up in the pure rationality, and in the weakness of involuntary sinfulness: I have opened the road to heaven for me: as for all mankind: for the metaphysics of the natural law being: I do not take all men, through, their religion, but for the purity of the their faith. Believing that God's mercy: he won: in Christ Jesus, the same law of God

Open letter to Youtube]
♰ UniusRei I am, my political jurisdiction is universal and rational ♰: ♰ ♰ The decree, That, from September, 2011, will start: all the premature deaths: in the name of Jesus: ♰: "Drink your poisons made by yourself "your life? Is not your! ♰: your life is from God: that is YHWH, Allah, etc. .. HE is: 1. Justice and Truth, 2. equality and fraternity, 3. service and love! About religions Stop Violence, Stop: banking seigniorage; stop masonry. Stop: Sharia Zionism racism, enlightened, etc.: In Addition to: all the misfortunes, and all the oppressions, That, macaws Been, Already Been decreed, Against all my enemies! They will not stop: and all this will be again: again and always: will be until, unius Rei: Will not Be Recognized: by Governments: throughout the world. The Illuminati will be: comforted by the fact, That have Contributed: so generously: at the problem: of overpopulation: why: That I see, Those guys are too worried about this.

[Open letter to Youtube] for consistent with Your Rules? you must delete all the porn videos and erotic. You have erased: my two videos against christians Martyrs [[documentary]] of a Christian girl: kidnapped and Repeatedly: raped by the Muslims (Which was all covered: and there was nothing wrong to see), to be forced to marry a Muslim, Why Christian boy, Not Being Able to Marry: any one, They are forced to emigrate! This is still today: in Egypt, Pakistan, etc.. .. I swear by the living God of Israel: YOU will more: accident:FOR YOU: in Jesus's name: for this: YOUR bribery: AGAINST human kind. if the misfortunes: that: You Have Already Obtained: for you have not yet Been: Considered sufficient? Now: I have nothing: left of give, That make MANY funeral: in your favor! Amen halleujah SAID: Unius Rei AGAINST ALL HIS ENEMY

creation that the destruction of the State of Israel
Commento al tuo video: prima seconda TERZA GUERRA MONDIALE programmate dal 1871
that, in a document of Freemasonry of 1871 proved fortuitous: in 1930 is expected: both the creation that the destruction of the State of Israel during the 3 rd WWnuclear. I do not doubt your honesty! But, is this, that you do not know: "PARADISE Earth": it is in the fourth dimension" is the place: where Muslims and Jehovah's Witnesses: where they want to return! Then, there are: 5 paradise celestial heavens: then: is the throne of God: that is, the heart of Jesus: where: Christians: Biblical fundamentalists: they can go for to be: even: at the right hand of the Father!

@ youtube - at this point? to all of us is: very little to live: in 2012? will be extinct life on the planet's surface! Therefore: I grant you: each and every right of my intellettul works: you can use: in mode commercial: all my intellettuali content: my thoughts .. since I am aware of the investment needed! Therefore, this my statement has a legal value!

@youtube -- a questo punto? a noi tutti resta: molto poco da vivere: nel 2012? sarà estinta: la vita sulla superficie del pianeta! Pertanto: io concedo a te: tutti ed ogni diritto intellettuale: di poter sfruttare: commercialmente: tutti i miei contenuti intellettuali: del mio pensiero.. poiché: io sono consapevole degli investimenti necessari! pertanto, questa mia dichiarazione ha una valenza giuridica!

4di4. @CoscienzaSveglia -- and indeed, that even the various Satanists, reiterino the killing of Christ: killing Christians ... This is made evident, for the minority groups, of Jews, who are educated to hate the Christians, until you reach the ritual of human sacrifice to Satan, Jewish ritual murder - the virgin martyrs: that is, the Saints made: remove of the Church Catholic, by Jewish racism .. for fear that they could inculcate anti-Semitic sentiments. But this is obvious! all those who come to hate: the man Jesus of Bethlehem, they will not enter in the kingdom of God, for this is shown: the same are racist: the socially negative!

3di4.@ CoscienzaSveglia-- this, Gandhi would never have accepted! for not having himself become a Christian, because of the scandal of apartheid: that he had to suffer: for being expelled: from a Church of "white"! The Gospels were given to the diverse, Christian community, and certainly could not do any act of plagiarism: of the Gospels themselves .. ie: to be appear as a child of God: He who was, only a prophet .. why: the man Jesus of Bethlehem was sentenced to death, because of the blasphemy laws, having said to be the son of God. is staggering: as Jehovah's Witnesses may read the Gospel and not notice this: proof, that not all is the knowledge of this mystery ...

2 @CoscienzaSveglia-everything is geared to be: against Christ or to be: in favor of Christ. If there is a Creator? He wished that things would take this direction ... because even the Buddhists of Butan: have made: all for kill the Christians! Like you, Gandhi believed that Christ was a prophet: only, and Gandhi: certainly, he is more than: worthy to be respected! fact: Gandhi would not approve, of course, all the massacres made in India in Orissa: ecc.. a true genocide, using: the complicity of the government, because: Christianity, had challenged the Indian social system, that is a satanic system, founded: on the exploitation of hundreds of social classes: namely, the exploitation: of the slavery, which in turn is founded: in the lie of reincarnation! These murders of Christians?

@CoscienzaSveglia-you are very good, for be very young: congratulations! I am a proyect cultural universal, secular: for universal brotherhood and for the destruction of relativism and racism: founded on the universal law of the nature: "do good and avoid evil" .. where, in an objective way, the truth is: "Do not lie!", while justice is: "do not do to an another: that you do not want: is been done to yourself." So, I have no problem with religions and ideological systems. Even if I know: that: there is no salvation outside of Christ, however, I am sure that men of "good will" will be: however: saved! but, being in youtube: ie: contact: with the world and in this studying: the incredible phenomenon of the martyrdom of Christians: this is more than evident:

ok! in short: I am the political project of the King of Israel, which is: is: the king of the world: namely, Unius REI ... and that this is: not a joke? it also, to says the Bible (Psalm 110, etc. ..)! Because all our institutions were created: by Jewish Satanism, of the seigniorage banking: the predation of all peoples: here is that crime and wickedness, have spread around the world! because this is Luciferism before being a political crime!
ok! En bref: je suis le projet politique du roi d'Israël, qui est: est: le roi du monde, à savoir: unius REI ... et que cela est: pas une blague? c'est aussi, pour, dit la Bible (Psaume 110, etc ..)! Parce que toutes nos institutions ont été créées: par le satanisme juif, de la banque seigneuriage: la prédation de tous les peuples: c'est ici que la criminalité et de méchanceté, se sont propagées à travers le monde! parce que ce n'est Luciferism avant d'être un crime politique!

@ shalom ComunitaEbraicaRoma-Jewish private central banks: ECB FED, IMF, the habit of always "omnipotent" enlightened Rochefeller and Rothschild, etc. ..? have created all constitutional State, all our institutions, and planned through institutions (occult) associated with them: all the war, such as the Holocaust, etc. ... However, it is not: only counter: a form: political control of all: that is born of this world monopoly: the "bank seigniorage," ie, an institutionalized: crime: of treason constitution: invented: by themselves: that is, the Masons all this enormous crime: evident and legalized: it is not only: to sell at interest: the virtual money, created out of nothing, and so create: all forms of control: against the sovereignty of Nations .. through: the wars and the recession, etc. .. it is clear to me: "we will soon, also will undergo nuclear WW 3rd!"

@ComunitaEbraicaRoma-.. However, all of this? still would not, in fact, extremely serious for me, though, this movement's spiritual of ILLUMINATI: is for REAL "Lucifer." Precisely for this reason: the real target (although this is not obvious: why things go too well, for each form: of dominance Jewishness in the world): is "namely, the destruction of the seed of Abraham ", ie, the annihilation of Israel's hope .. from this whole reality of Lucifer? (ie, the same ideals occult of Freemasonry), in the name of the God of our Patriarchs: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, you are called to take the distances on my channel: formally from all this satanism of banking seigniorage! because I keep seeing rejected by you, my true love!

3 rd WWnuclear.
dominusUniusRei (1 secondo fa)
it is obvious to everyone! I am "anointed": "consecrated": "Messiah" "Mahdi" My agenda is that of God: God is for everyone, since all creatures have been created: for the same purpose: and with infinite love, while only man is in God's image (an inner community of love). So I live constantly: at the presence of God and from him I received a political mandate .. When this mandate is terrible? many have already discovered: For playing as live: in the abyss of corpse despair of hell! I am the representative: and then I am the father of all peoples, the guidance / protection: of all religion. I am Unius REi: the son of Melchizedek, the Holy King of Palestine and Israel. How can would survive, he who does not think rightly of the Lord God his Creator?
dominusUniusRei (3 minuti fa)
è evidente a tutti! Io sono "unto": "consacrato": "Messiah" "Mahdì"la mia agenda è quella di Dio: è Dio è per tutti: poiché, tutte le creature sono state create: con la stessa finalità: e con infinito amore, mentre solo l'uomo è ad immagine di Dio(una interiore comunità di amore). Pertanto: io vivo costantemente: alla presenza di Dio e da lui: io ho ricevuto un mandato politico.. quando sia terribile questo mandato? molti lo hanno già scoperto: per essere scesi vivi: nell'abisso di disperazione dell'inferno! Io sono il rappresentante: e quindi io sono il padre di tutti i popoli, la guida/protezione: di tutte le religione. Io sono UniusREi: il figlio di Melchisedek: il santo re di Palestina e di Israele. Come potrà sussistere, colui, che, non pensa rettamente del Signore Dio: suo Creatore?
dominusUniusRei (11 minuti fa)
All religions are holy and sisters all live in harmony as well and in Scutari: (['skutari], or Shkodër Shkodra in Albanian, but malicious people, already predestined for the day of destruction, pervert the religion for an ideological purpose. so the politicians are only: Wahhabis "the responsible for the outcome of a religion!

Tutte le religioni sono sante sorelle e tutte vivono bene ed in armonia come a Scutari: (['skutari], in albanese Shkodra o Shkodër, ma, persone maligne, già predestinate per il giorno della distruzione, pervertono la religione per uno scopo ideologico. Così sono soltanto i politici: Wahabiti" i responsabili dell'esito di una religione!
dominusUniusRei (18 minuti fa)
dominusUniusRei (20 minuti fa)
CrystalSStorm SAID: Well I will believe your comment about money and politics have often resulted in war, because wars are a way of making money and in war people do pay the price with their lives. The Banking systems and oil are recently these reasons (similar) to what you say. - ANSWER-> our politicians do not have the authority to enter into secret military bases, aliens or have knowledge of the program, or to request a secret document of Freemasonry; luciferism and satanism have control .. Therefore, the people were cut off: from strategic information .. so it will be an enemy within, and virtual destruction of peoples to decide .. and he? has already decided!
dominusUniusRei (8 ore fa)
are about 12 hours, that, the "ultrasound" in my right lobe: of my brain: they are very strong ... YHWH wants to come in his Jewish Temple .. but, if God will find the false democracy of the Masonic bank seigniorage? Israel will destroy this once! For the Glory of God: there is no hope for racism and for Satanists: to be able to get a head .. In fact, many who have died, could say hell, what it means the action of a consecrated: the political vocation of unius REI ..

sono circa 12 ore, che, gli "ultrasuoni" nel mio lobo destro: del mio cervello: sono molto forti... JHWH vuole venire nel suo Tempio ebraico.. ma: se Dio troverà la falsa democrazia: massonica del signoraggio bancario? distruggerà Israele questa volta! Per la Gloria di Dio: non c'è nessuna speranza, per i razzismi e per i satanismi: di poter avere una prevalenza.. infatti, molti che sono morti, potrebbero dire dall'inferno, che cosa: significa la azione di un consacrato: con la vocazione politica di Unius REI..
dominusUniusRei (8 ore fa)
[[Thursday, October 20. 2011 Corriere della Sera]]
"The euro is more than one currency. . Defines the European integration, and also our identity (luciferism) as a union" - ANSWER-> here, is another Satanist of bank seigniorage, that is going too fast to fall into hell as soon as possible!

[[Giovedì 20 ottobre. 2011 Corrire della Sera]]
"L'euro è più di una valuta. Definisce l'integrazione europea, e anche la nostra identità(luciferism) come unione." --ANSWER-> ecco, un altro satanista del signoraggio bancario: che sta andando troppo veloce , per cadere nell'inferno quanto prima!
dominusUniusRei (8 ore fa)
Thanks for all the religious opinions on your behalf. The Jews if I remember correctly were thought to be in a continual state of rejection on a global scale for not embracing Christianity. The United States is a predominantly Christian country.--ANSWER-->THIS IS THE ONE THAT, YOU BELIEVE, like, SO in COMMON wit all: but, it's all completely wrong .. Today no one cares of your religion in the West .. But what, I am afraid, is that the Jews innocent have to pay for the crimes of the enlightened: satanists 666 Rothschild, Rochefeller, etc. ..ie: seigniorage banking of IMF-NWO.. as it always has in the past! QUESTO È QUELLO, CHE, SI CREDE, come, IN MODO COMUNE: ma, è tutto completamente sbagliato.. oggi non importa a nessuno della tua religione in Occidente.. ma quello di cui io ho paura e che gli ebrei innocenti debbano pagare per i crimini degli illuminati: 666 Rothschild, Rochefeller, ecc.. come è sempre avvenuto in passato!
dominusUniusRei (1 giorno fa)
Commento al tuo video: prima seconda TERZA GUERRA MONDIALE programmate dal 1871
downyourtube SAID: @lorenzoscarola I told the truth about my site- you should listen. --ANSWER->I DO NOT KNOW spoken English, to follow you, but you do not know the Italian spoken in this video because it is said, that, in a document of Freemasonry of 1871 proved fortuitous: in 1930 is expected: both the creation that the destruction of the State of Israel during the 3 rd WWnuclear. I do not doubt your honesty! But, is this, that you do not know: "PARADISE Earth": it is in the fourth dimension" is the place: where Muslims and Jehovah's Witnesses: where they want to return! Then, there are: 5 paradise celestial heavens: then: is the throne of God: that is, the heart of Jesus: where: Christians: Biblical fundamentalists: they can go for to be: even: at the right hand of the Father!
dominusUniusRei (1 giorno fa)
@ youtube - at this point? to all of us is: very little to live: in 2012? will be extinct life on the planet's surface! Therefore: I grant you: each and every right of my intellettul works: you can use: in mode commercial: all my intellettuali content: my thoughts .. since I am aware of the investment needed! Therefore, this my statement has a legal value!

ritchloui (1 giorno fa)
Muhammad produced no miracles and when pressed he claimed that his miracle is the Quran. Yet a cursory look at the Quran reveals that this book is full of errors. Quran is replete with scientific heresies, historic blunders, mathematical mistakes, logical absurdities, grammatical errors and ethical fallacies. It is badly compiled and it contradicts itself. There is nothing intelligent in this book let alone miraculous. Muhammad challenged people to produce a "Surah like it" or find an error therein, yet Muslims would kill anyone who dares to criticize it. In such a climate of hypocrisy and violence? truth is the first casualty. http://www.apostatesofislam.com/

ritchloui (18 ore fa) The hijab has now become a brand. The brand of Islam and of Islamic imperialism and the use and abuse of women as a human shield for evil domineering men. Domestic violence against Muslimas by their families is SO widespread that they are ALL required to dress in such a way that no-one can see the extent of their injuries; the clipped ears, smashed bodies and, where it's really bad, smashed faces. The Muslim Qur'an (Koran) and Muslim Hadith are unique among all the sacred writings in the entire world -- because they alone counsel its followers to make war on unbelievers. Any thoughtful reader will be forced to admit that evil literally "drips" from their pages. One in every 55 verses in the Muslim Qur'an consists of this fake god Allah insisting that Muslims make war on unbelievers.

ritchloui SAID: Muslims have got their work all ahead of them in their desire to defend Islam against 'slander'. Are these men Islam's enemies or spokesmen? Abu Hamza: "In an Islamic land if you find a kuffir you can either sell him in the market or just kill him. It's ok" Hassan Nasrallh, Muhajadin Secretary General "The most honorable killing and the most glorious martyrdom is when a man is killed for the sake of Allah". If Musims can't take on and defeat these men then they are going to have to rely on non-Muslims to do it for them. In such a case, it will be difficult for non-Muslims to distinguish between the supposedly different kinds of Muslim. Especially as both types of Muslim still regard the spread of Islam and its doctrines to be their duty as Muslims
Aisha narrated that the Prophet was betrothed (zawaj) to her when she was six years old and he consummated (nikah) his marriage when she was nine years old, and then she remained with him for nine years" Saheeh al-Bukhari, Vol 7 Bk 62 No 64. The video link watch?v=TYpH3QL0i9w is basically an attempt at excusing this child molestation by a 54 year old man on a 9 year old girl by comparing it to the laws of Dark Age England. We call them the Dark Ages for a reason. Another Muslim FAIL.

ritchloui (1 giorno fa) [[Non-Muslim inventions]]ot one, I repeat, NOT ONE, scientific contribution was made in Arabia itself, the home of Islam. ALL the progress was made in the already advanced civilisations of Assyria (Iraq), Persia (Iran) because these civilisations had collected and valued the works of the Ancient Greeks, Byzantines, Chinese and Indians. They continued their work for a while under their new ignorant masters, but eventually the Imams and their bandit enforcers reduced these civilisations to their own level of barbarity and stupidity. So now they religiously set about burning their foreheads on carpets in subjection as though this will make them 'worthy' of Mo the Molester's alter-ego Allah.

Hadiths, particularly Bukhari, is a one-dimensional take on Mohammed and turned his message into a clearly evil doctrine. It seems that some very cruel and ambitious men got together and spun everything into a ghastly justification of their greed, perversity and longing for slaughter. They simply see Islam as validating their vicious desire to bully and kill people. This seems to go right to the top, with thousands of Sheiks and Imams literally glorifying killing and saying it is far better than living and in fact, is the only guaranteed way into paradise. It's just too crazy. It is going to be very difficult to protect innocent, good people from the bloodshed these awful men are provoking. The problem with this is that Mohammed himself was committed to attacking, converting, enslaving or killing anyone who did not adhere to his new religion. This is called imperialism. Furthermore, over 70% of the land currently regarded as Islamic were originally Christian.
@ QuranVsHadith -> I do not know the English spoken, but is not the first time, that: Muslims important in youtube: (particolrmente this is despicable) have made slander against Copts, etc. .. This behavior is despicable .. [watchv=oHfBbB7LcCM] In fact, I have recognized in this video: scenes of "corpses" of Christian martyrs: that: have been passed (interpreted) as the corpses of Muslims .. and that, moreover, have been blamed: for have tried to get a legitimate reaction: that is, self-defense: this is putting goats on the same plane with the sheep! indeed, there are no Christian terrorists in the world
[[I am lorenzojhwh or lorenzoAllah]]@ QuranVsHadith -> there is not a culture of aggression of the Christians, as, unfortunately, there is a culture of aggression for Muslims: so: they were been all extinct Christians in all Muslim countries .. so, it is difficult to find a Muslim who condemns the sharia: to affirm the right to freedom of religion, namely, the ability to live peacefully and in prosperity
@QuranVsHadith --> non esiste una cultura di aggressione: dei cristiani, come, purtroppo: esiste una cultura di aggressione per i musulmani: tanto che: sono stati tutti estinti i cristiani in tutti i Paesi musulmani.. così, è difficile trovare un musulmano che condanna la sharia: per affermare il diritto alla libertà di religione cioè: la possibilità di vivere pacificamente ed in prosperità