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@ to all -> this is more: that: obvious: all peoples, all nations, all religions, all governments, should come to me: how small children are confident of their father! Since, Satan himself, has materialized itself in many bodies, and controls the huge army of occult powers: in fact, Rothschild and Bush, are actually its hostages, and are forced to do whatever Satan ordered to their ... without me? You do not have any hope to survive this 3 rd WWnuclear --> questo è più: che: evidente: tutti i popoli, tutte le nazioni, tutte le religioni, tutti i Governi, devono venire da me: come i piccoli bimbi sono fiduciosi del loro padre! Poiché, satana in persona, ha materializzato se stesso, in molti corpi, e satana controlla, l'enorme armata dei poteri occulti: infatti: Rothschild e Bush, in realtà sono i suoi ostaggi, e sono costretti a fare tutto quello che viene loro ordinato... senza di me? Voi non avete nessuna speranza, di sopravvivere a questa 3°WWnuclear

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@ MuslimBrothers -> actually, the name of God is profaned, is cursing, is the object of abhorrence, because of you! Since the most honest people (Christians, etc. .. suffer the martyrdom), and is, precisely, this work: that the enlightened have done: against you and against us in these 500 years. That is, thwarting any theological reflection about: the Koran. Therefore, God will use the Satanists Americans of course! to condemn and destroy in all the world, the Koran and Islam, as has already been convicted the Nazism. The price to pay, even if it's a terrible price? it will be paid! Because if Rothschild is not able to kill at least 50% of the human race? Then, he is no longer able to repay the money, which no longer exists in the banks, because of false accounting, that the IMF: it can hide: making: dirty money laundering: in the Kayman Islands

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@MuslimBrothers -> you persecute, and kill the Christians as idolaters: Due to the Trinity, (but, however, no one says, that spirit, soul and body are three different people), also you confuse the polytheists, with idolaters (Satanists), who have no hope of redemption:for to be supremely criminals and predators, still today: because they can not deny the nature of Satan. Thus, in this context? is right: Suppress: Limit: kill: the Christians, first, that he manages to bribe a Muslim, to take him to hell with him. But, as you can not see: the type of concept: monstrous, of God, out of this is yours: twisted vision? Certainly not the God of Abraham, which allowed everyone's life, with the exception of Satanists: as in Sodom and Gomorrah, as in all the "city state" of the Canaanites, etc. ..:as, this is demonstrated: even the Archaeology "they were committing human sacrifices in honor of demons"

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@MuslimBrothers: -> I can demonstrate:to you, as there is of the Satanism: in your Sharia (doctrine), in you, just using the example of the Zionists: Because, unfortunately, you with them, that, you have not developed: the evolution of an theological thought, well, you are remaining prisoners, "of the letter that kills!", as tell, in the words of St. Paul. but, if they become Satanists, the Zionists for were to be been blocked: from the Talmud: at his mentality, that is, against God's, ie, for betray with their: against: Moses and Torah, that was made ​​2500 years ago? Now, you are bad with them appropriately. Then, seite bad: you too, because to you, like them, there is no evolution of theological thought: Because in fact, your religious dimension is an imperialism whose end result is the genocide of all diversity. and this is an incontestable fact!

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@Muslim brothers: @EazyE163 @ SYRIA -> if you remain prisoners of a book? You remain prisoners, too, of a historical era! as if God: ie Allah or JHWH. HE had denied the time: and, thus, he had denied all for us: also, all of us to canceling our dignity, the our value: ie against all of us: end were STOP: the love for us? no longer exist: for God! Absurd!!! because God is Holy and in him there is a LOVE that, is containing, all information for all peoples and all history! Does lorenzojhwh: UniusRei ie: he is more important than a pygmy? If this were true, then God would be the evil! But we can prove that He is Holy

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@ fukutubx -> if god is dead? Also, you are dead! If there is no God? So, even your life has no meaning! but, you are without hope of redemption or eternal life! You're worse than an animal! because your morality? is she that condemns you to be in a domain, which is below: of the domain of animals! In fact, the droppings? they do not seek God! However, even the atheists seek God! When: the atheists: consecrate their lives and themselves: for the defense of the Fatherland: against: Freemasonry, Satanism, and the banking seigniorage

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all the peoples of the human race must join me, like the fingers of one only hand: why, I am Unius Rei: in fact, this is for the survival of all mankind: but, there are actually hostile to my kingdom: as: Zionism. Sharia, and reincarnation: that is, everything that can be hostile to others? this has to be removed: now

tutti i popoli del genere umano: devono unirsi a me: come le dita di una sola mano: Unius Rei: infatti, è in gioco la sopravvivenza, di tutto il genere umano: ma, non esistono realtà ostili: nel mio regno: come: sionismo. sharia, e reincarnazione: cioè tutto quello che può essere ostile per gli altri? questo deve essere rimosso: subito!

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You forgive my tardiness, but I'm seeing: the movie: "The Lord of the Rings" Who wrote this? was a man: "enlightened", however, this is our situation. or, all the wonderful family of Mankind: will join with Aragorn, ie: [(lorenzojhwh) Unius Rei ()]: or the forces of darkness: IMF-New World Order: aliens, vampires, Satanists, etc. .. that have been created: they will can not be defeated! But, it is our duty, to be united: for to do return the shadows: all the dark forces! Ours enemy: is not an people, but the shadows of doubt and disbelief, that they are in our hearts

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Ron paul is no Mason scums
They say that Ron Paul is a Mason: for to be him, too: in hell: without hope, even for this, just for that! I have seen him do in satanic horns: with three fingers: like Obama, ecc..! However, if I had to help: only men pure? So, I would have had ...

Ennemis des VRAIS musulmans : Ce message est pour toi
L'islam et le nouvel ordre mondial des illuminatis que sont les partisans de Satan proche des protestants évangélistes et des israëlites qui ne se trompe que eux mêmes...

En vérité le paradis n'a jamais été et ne sera jamais sur terre içi bas construit par des esclaves humains ou par des djinns, voir même par les deux en même temps, tout comme la terre içi bas n'a jamais été et ne sera jamais l'enfer construit par des êtres humains ou par des djinns, voir même par les deux en même temps.

Car ce monde temporel n'est qu'un passage vers les mondes de l'au delà qui eux aussi ne sont pas construit par des êtres humains et encore moins par des djinns voir même par les deux en même temps, et celles et ceux qui pense le contraire car leur foi est faible en tombant dans l'infidélité et dans l'incroyance, ne se trompe que eux mêmes de par leur mémoire qui est trop courte pour se souvenir de quoi que ce soit après qu'elle est été effacé par Allah (swt) unique et sans associé(es).

Et ils ne s'en rende même pas compte les comploteurs en occident puis dans les monarchies arabe, mais au jour de leur rétribution cataclysmique devant Allah (swt) ils s'en rendront compte en rendant compte a Allah (swt) unique et sans associé(es) qui n'est pas associé avec Satan ou avec des êtres humains et encore moins avec des Djinns...


Islam and the New World Order of Illuminati that are supporters of Satan near evangelical Protestants and Israelites who never makes a mistake that themselves ...

Truly paradise has never been and never will be down here on earth built by human slaves or jinn, or even by both together, as the land down here has never been and will never be hell on earth built by human beings or by the jinn, or even by both together.

But this temporal world is a gateway to other worlds beyond which they too are not built by human beings or by the jinn or even by both together, and those who think the opposite because their faith is weak, falling into infidelity and unbelief, that does mistakes themselves because their memory is too short to remember anything from the past after it has been erased by Allah (swt), but they do not even noticing it because Allah wanted it.

But in any cataclysmic day of their last judgment day they will realize by reporting to Allah (swt) witout any single partner or associats, nether with a human, nether with a Djinn and nether with Satan...

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