incompatibility, between, Christianity, Freemasonry

King of Israel] I am a professor of religion and acolyte at Bari. 1. I want to brave the Jews to build the Temple. 2. I want to tackle: Satanism, Freemasonry, seigniorage banking. 3. I want to create a new collective consciousness and brotherhood among all operators giustiazia of mankind. 4. I want to work for the full implementation of freedom of religion in the world. For the glory of God, I must acknowledge that:* I am doing a big job,* I am caring, a mail list of nearly 10,000 addresses around the world. A reading of my comments, on my three YouTube channels of: (lorenzojhwh humanumgenus ShalomGerusalemme) will give you the idea of my activities. Although I do not hide my faith, but i not emphasized, and I did not threaten in controversies of religion, because my goal is to reach and represent all people, in this universal cultural process,

    [2/6 the King of Israel] I present both as a layman and as a politician, through the humanistic and personalistic metaphysics, and so I speak / I speak, only on a rational level, bringing the best acquisitions, international law, and respect, human dignity, and equality among men. If in youtube, I am very aggressive and arrogant, actually, I'm not like that. SURELY! I am sensitive and meek as Moses, which was the mildest of men. In fact, I never replies to insults and I let God to give me, in the time is right. Because I know I have always right! It is difficult to find in me an adversary. But if I am forced to be an adversary, who can win? If there is one who tells me: "I am the friend of your friends, and I'll be the enemy of your enemies!" In fact, in my metaphysical nature, and of the Son of God, I can not lie or make negotiations in secret. But I know how to defend something that should be secret.

    [3/6 the King of Israel]According to the heart of God, which is not a respecter of persons? So even I am! Dear Nobles and Ladies I submit to you, an ambitious project, but certainly feasible and the enormous return in terms of benefits for all mankind. This project has been prophesied by the Holy Scriptures of the Old Testament, which I am speaking, of building the Third Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, and in particular on the Mount of Olives. Indeed, 14.4 Zechariah the prophet sees the Lord rest his feet on the Mount of Olives (the holiest place on earth). All Christians know that this is the second coming of the Lord. Who speaks to you is prof. Scarola Lawrence (creator of over 40 sites: ---- ---

    [4/6 the King of Israel]theologian and patriot for the liberation of peoples from the bank seigniorage and all ipoteri secret that inhibit the constitutional sovereignty and that will lead us quickly to the Third World nuclear war with China. War that analysts say is inevitable from the premises posed by the current balance of injustice and selfishness which will see in the inevitable collapse of the International Monetary Fund the frustration of every bank deposit. Therefore, the nuclear conflict, would be a necessity, a plausible excuse, however, the inevitable collapse of the fund, calculation of financial mathematics, which is trying to hide. Indeed, the inevitable evolution of this system of seigniorage Bank parasite can no longer squeeze more people and inevitably collapse.

    [5/6 the King of Israel] Must be prepared in time, a coin owned by a universal idea of peoples and cultural and spiritual unity, represented by the third Jewish temple. Although the global nuclear war is inevitable - as prophesied in Revelation - however it may be postponed for 50/100 years - because of the existence of the Jewish Temple, which will donate the entire Earth, a period of peace and prosperity of over 30 years . Prosperity so high, that mankind has ever known. The Temple would become a point of reference for the unity and hope, of every man, and all mankind. Why will regenerate new categories humanizing. A new consciousness of belonging and solidarity. When I understood that the Jewish temple, could not build themselves without the presence of the King of Israel,

    [6/6 the King of Israel] my ideal way of metaphysical first president of mankind. I had to add, even the King of Israel. 1. King of Israel: Verily, all Christians - (if you have the level of faith to believe) - is the King of Israel, as being born in Christ, has dual kingship: a) as the successor of David and; b) as son of God. 2. President universal metaphysical of all mankind: personalistic metaphysics and the humanities Maritain, we capture two intuitions: a. since justice is "the evil I do not want for yourself? you do not do it to others!" b. Because the truth is: "Do not lie!" Behold, on these fundamental values and universal, they can conceive of a cultural universal, in opposition to NWO, the techno-finance, which destroys the dignity of man. To lay the foundations, rational and secular, that is universal, a new morality based on natural law, for the great and wonderful family of humankind.

322 google 666 @ youtube, masonic system, occult power, AI OGM aliens abductions, agenda - you stop to came behind me, to sob, and to beg, because, I not agree, to talk again, with your Satanists! this is impossible! In fact, my ministry would fail, if I accept a dialogue with the Satanists, and, if I keep them, on this page again... therefore, you will also die in the world war, which could not be avoided! [blocks: stop your employees Satanists criminal cannibal!]

@ Egypt - After the massacre today, the Salafi Nur Party, which had supported the end of June, the deposition of Morsi, has decided to retire,of the consultations for the formation, of the government, of national unity. It seems, therefore, go down the idea of ​​creating a government of broad alliances, partly because the party Nur, opposed the candidacy, for prime minister, both, Muhammad al-Baradei, leader of the National Salvation Front (platform secularists, liberals and Nasserist) and economist Ziad Baha ad Din. - ANSWER - Muslim brethren: and Salafists said by yourself, to be the Nazis of Sharia, that they are not worthy: of: democratic values ​​... therefore, must be declared: outlaw! the ambiguities and failures, can only: to increase the drama of a Muslim country who is afflicted: by jihadism .. only, the determination: it could save Egypt: from civil war, as, Russia has already said.

@ Egypt - Dopo il massacro odierno, il partito Nur salafita, che, a fine giugno aveva appoggiato, la deposizione di Morsi, ha deciso di ritirarsi, dalle consultazioni, per la formazione del governo, di unità nazionale. Sembra dunque tramontare l'ipotesi di creare un governo di larghe intese, anche perché, il partito Nur si è opposto alla candidatura, a premier sia di Muhammad al Baradei, esponente del Fronte di salvezza nazionale (piattaforma di laicisti, progressisti e nasseriani) sia dell'economista Ziad Baha ad Din. -- ANSWER -- fratelli musulmani: e salafiti hanno dichiarato: di essere i nazisti: della Sharia, che, loro non sono degni: dei valori democratici... quindi devono essere dichiarati: fuori legge! le ambiguità ed i cedimenti, possono soltanto: aumentare il dramma, di un paese musulmano, che è afflitto dallo jihadismo.. soltanto, la determinazione potrebbe salvare l'Egitto dalla guerra civile, come la Russia ha già detto.

@ مصر - رأيتم، كما وسائل الإعلام الغربية: الفريسيين الأنجلو أمريكية المتنورين وصندوق النقد الدولي 666 NWO، والتي سوف تدمر إسرائيل، معا، للبشرية جمعاء: أنها بدأت: أن يكذب: ضد: أنت، متوسط ​​بهم؟ ولذلك، فإن الأعداء لا: يجب أن يكون، والاحترام، ولكن، كنت الكفاح والإسلاميين الفريسيون! إغلاق الحدود، على مقربة وسائل الإعلام: حظر التجول وحظر التجمعات، وقانون الدفاع عن النفس.

@ Egipto - se han visto, como los medios de comunicación occidentales: la Anglo-American fariseos Illuminati, el FMI 666 NWO, que va a destruir a Israel, en conjunto, a toda la humanidad: comenzaron: a mentir: en contra: usted, su promedio? Por lo tanto, los enemigos no: debe ser, el respeto, pero, que lucha, islamistas fariseos! cerrar fronteras, cerca de los medios de comunicación: el toque de queda, la prohibición de las reuniones, y la ley marcial. @ Ägypten - Sie haben gesehen, wie die westlichen Medien: Der anglo-amerikanische Pharisäer Illuminati, IMF 666 NWO, die Israel zerstören wird, zusammen, um die ganze Menschheit: sie begann: zu lügen: gegen: Sie, ihre Durchschnitt? also die Gegner nicht: muss, Respekt, aber Sie kämpfen, Pharisäer Islamisten! enge Grenzen, in der Nähe der Medien: Ausgangssperre, ein Verbot von Versammlungen und Kriegsrecht.

@ Egypt - you have seen, as the Western media: the Anglo-American Pharisees Illuminati, IMF 666 NWO, which will destroy Israel, together, to all mankind: they began: to lie: against: you, their average? therefore, the enemies not: must be, respect, but, you fight, pharisees islamists! close frontiers, close the media: curfew, a ban on gatherings, and martial law. @ Egypte - vous l'avez vu, que les médias occidentaux: l'anglo-américain pharisiens Illuminati, le FMI 666 NWO, qui va détruire Israël, ensemble, à toute l'humanité: ils ont commencé: mentir: contre: vous, leur moyenne? Par conséquent, les ennemis ne sont pas: elle doit être, le respect, mais, vous vous battez, les islamistes, pharisiens! frontières étroites, les médias: couvre-feu, l'interdiction de rassemblements, et la loi martiale.

Salafis are the terrorists, of the worldwide caliphate, imperialism sharia: that the Pharisees Anglo-Americans are spreading: to achieve: 1. World War 2. destroy Israel ["The Egyptian army will not allow: anyone to threaten: national security," ok, do not let intimidate yourself (curfew, and: darkening of all media)!] As to the violence, front, the Republic Guard, the spokesman reiterated that the military has acted with wisdom'''' while, the protesters have used'' ammunition, molotov cocktails, stones, automatic weapons.'' A military source: said the DPA: that armed men have tried: of: cross the barbed wire that surrounds the seat: Republican Guard: with: coverage of some snipers'''', in fact, Nello same attack: it would be dead too: an army officer, while: another 40 military were injured ..

Salafis are not Egyptians, are the terrorists, the worldwide caliphate, the absurdity of sharia imperialism: that the Pharisees Anglo-Americans are spreading: to achieve: 1. World War, and, 2. destroy Israel ["The Egyptian army will not allow: anyone to threaten: national security," ok, do not let intimidate (curfew, and: darkening of all media)!] - ANSWER - @ EGYPT 1. DO NOT LEAVE intimidated by the Nazi Anglo-American Pharisees IMF 666 NWO, the Arab League .. 2. weapons of Americans, you do not need, if you remain a friend of Israel. 3. "No moderation" in the management of public order, 4. make immediate reprisals, mass arrests, and the concentration camps, 5. the closure of media. - CONCLUSION - only, a determined your action, it will prevent you:of plunging into civil war .. if you fail with your Salafis? Also, world war, after your civil war can not be avoided!

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salafiti sono i terroristi, del califfato mondiale, l'imperialismo della sharia: che, i farisei anglo-americani: stanno diffondendo: per ottenere: 1. guerra mondiale, 2. distruggere Israele [«L'esercito egiziano non permetterà: a nessuno di minacciare: la sicurezza nazionale», ok, non ti lasciare intimidire (coprifuoco, ed: oscuramento di tutti i media)!] Riguardo alle violenze, davanti, alla Guardia Repubblica, il portavoce ha ribadito, che, i militari hanno agito con ''saggezza'' mentre, i manifestanti hanno usato ''munizioni, molotov, sassi, armi automatiche''. Una fonte militare: ha detto: alla Dpa: che: uomini armati hanno tentato: di: oltrepassare il filo spinato, che, circonda la sede: della Guardia Repubblicana: con: la copertura di alcuni ''cecchini'', infatti, Nello stesso attacco: sarebbe morto: anche: un ufficiale dell'esercito, mentre: altri 40 militari: sarebbero rimasti feriti..

salafiti non sono egiziani, sono i terroristi, del califfato mondiale, l'assurdo imperialismo della sharia: che, i farisei anglo-americani: stanno diffondendo: per ottenere: 1. la guerra mondiale, e per, 2. distruggere Israele [«L'esercito egiziano non permetterà: a nessuno di minacciare: la sicurezza nazionale», ok, non ti lasciare intimidire (coprifuoco, ed: oscuramento di tutti i media)!] -- ANSWER -- @EGITTO, 1. NON TI LASCIARE INTIMIDIRE, dal nazista, anglo-americani farisei FMI 666 NWO, della Lega Araba.. 2. le armi degli americani, a te non servono, se, tu rimani l'amico di Israele. 3. «nessuna moderazione» nella gestione dell'ordine pubblico, 4. fare rappresaglie immediate, arresti di massa, e, campi di concentramento, 5. la chiusura di media. -- CONCLUSIONE -- soltanto, una tua azione determinata, impedirà a te: di precipitare nella guerra civile.. se, tu fallisci con i tuoi salafiti? anche, la guerra mondiale, dopo la tua guerra civile, non potrà essere evitata!

@666 youtube google --- I can not: no longer tolerate, Satanists on this page, so if you close: this page theyearinreview (like, you have threatened to do)? I'm going to write on my: channel: uniusrei3! @ King Saudi Arabia - be: Unius REI: it is the easiest thing:of the world: 1. never lie: with anyone, and, 2. love: all people on the planet in the same way! 3. it is clear, then it must be obvious to all, that YHWH should be, your friend! [God bless the flowers, that is, all mothers in the world!] Remember you, your mom? she always said to you: "You do not make friend, with the bad guys, otherwise? Also, you will become like them!", and, in fact, you are also become, an international criminal, like, 322 Bush NWO, Rothschild 666 IMF.. but, if you believe that it is not fair that Saudi Arabia should be deleted, off the map? Then, a few days to fix it, there's still!

07/08/2013 . [[ VIETNAM, you are the worst, both Buddhists, that the Communists. you are the shame of the law. you are a group of bandits!]] . voi siete il peggio, sia dei buddisti, che, dei comunisti. voi siete la vergogna, del diritto. Catholic dissident on trial for tax evasion to defend himself. Facing false charges, Le Quoc Quan will not seek legal counsel. The authorities have hampered the defence and denied access to prosecution documents. He claims his innocence. For activists, the government is using specious accusations to clamp down on dissidents. Hanoi (AsiaNews/Agencies) - A detained Catholic Vietnamese dissident has vowed not to hire a lawyer and instead defend himself against tax evasion charges. After weeks of fasting and praying, Le Quoc Quan, 42, is scheduled to appear before a court tomorrow.

07/08/2013. SYRIA. Assad's army set to reconquer Homs. About 70 per cent of rebel-held areas have been destroyed. According to Abdel Rahman, director of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the ground and air offensive against Homs, the country's third largest city and a symbol of rebellion since March 2011, continues. "Of all Syria's cities, Homs has suffered the highest levels of destruction . . . . Images of Homs make it look like a world war has hit the city," -- ANSWER -- Quatar, Arabia Saudita --- that war in Syria, for destroy Israel ,and to do your worldwide caliphate? for you is gone! you collect your jihadists criminals terrorists donkeys, like you, and let, that the Syrian society is can, to pacify and reconcile himself!... quella guerra in Siria? per voi è andata perduta! voi ritirate i vostri jihadisti, e lasciate, che, la società siriana si possa rappacificare e riconciliare!

07/08/2013 VIETNAM Catholic dissident on trial for tax evasion to defend himself Facing false charges, Le Quoc Quan will not seek legal counsel. The authorities have hampered the defence and denied access to prosecution documents. He claims his innocence. For activists, the government is using specious acc - ĐÁP - không! không xấu trong chế độ này! Tại sao không học một chút đạo đức giả của những người Biệt Phái Anh-Mỹ? cho họ nói chuyện .. đó là sai? nhưng, một vài bước rụt rè hướng tới, nhân quyền? nó luôn luôn là tốt để làm điều đó, trong chế độ liên tục!

07/08/2013 CHINA Beijing, political lawsuits are back in universities: teacher threatened with expulsion The faculty of the prestigious Peking University must vote on the expulsion of Xia Yelang, an economist known for his liberal and democratic positions that criticized the "Chinese dream" of Xi Jinping. Currently in the USA, the teacher wants to return home to "help build a civil society in China."- 回答 - 有點偽善的法利賽人盎格魯 - 美國人為什麼不學習呢?讓他們談談..這是錯的?但是,有幾個膽小的步驟對,人權?這是一件好事做到這一點,在模式不變!

@ISRAEL --- this is the proof: Arab League, Saudi Arabia, Iran, they suffering, all together, when stopping, their beasts Islamic, ie sharia for imperialism worldwide caliphate.. this is the logical demonstration and rational, all of them have been plotting: against you,, again, again.. again ... with Rothschild IMF 666 NWO, this time.. In fact, the Islamic beasts, are showing a strategy, the more efficient this time. questa è la dimostrazione: Lega Araba, Arabia Saudita, Iran, soffrono, insieme, quando vengono fermate le loro bestie islamiche, per la sharia imperialismo.. questa è la dimostrazione logica e razionale,, tutti loro hanno complottato contro di te, di nuovo, ancora.. infatti le bestie islamiche, stanno mostrando una strategia più efficiente questa volta.

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TEHRAN, JULY 8 - Iran has deemed "unacceptable" and "disturbing" the intervention: the armed forces: political issues in Egypt (that, instead. Your army can do!), After the army: and police were, shot, against: a manifestation: of supporters: the deposed criminal Islamist President Mohamed Morsi: that: has left at least 42 dead. This was stated: agency, Mehr, spokesman: the Iranian Foreign Ministry: Abbas Araghchi, adding that Iran "condemns: the death of innocent people." - ANSWER - @ IRAN - you are a total crime In fact, your Christians? you have almost: all killed! your innocent, these days? They killed, a Coptic priest, have launched adolescents from the roof of a building, and then beat them in the head! seized, and tortured the two soldiers fired on the crowd with automatic weapons, stormed two barracks ... you go back, to your lair: BEAST! the time of the wrath of God is near, also, to you

Is entrenched in the bank, 'Give me back, all my money', Apprehension, fear, for a rash action, then, the protest has returned. 08 July, 17:25.--ANSWER-- @Governi, Mario Draghi -- when there is a mortgage loan (money created out, of nothing, with, a fractional reserve of 5%) you require, mortgages, for twice the required value. so when the mortgage can not be honored? the property is lost, but all the money paid shall be repaid, with interest, and this is a measure retrospective of 20 years, by now, then, you should return all money, which you have stolen from the people. quando, c'è un mutuo ipotecario, si richiedono, ipoteche su immobili, per il doppio del valore richiesto.. quindi quando il mutuo non può essere onorato? l'immobile viene perso, ma tutti i soldi versati devono essere restituiti, con gli interessi, e questo è un provvedimento retroattivo di 20 anni, quindi, voi restituite i soldi, che avete rubato alla gente.

CIA NWO IMF 322, 666 187AUDIOHOSTEM - who gave you permission to come on this page, that is my office? if you do not attend, no more others murder? I also do not kill you! end of story! Now, get out of my life forever!
[Mario Draghi, o, konkurencyjność: Włochy poczyniły toku]. "W Hiszpanii jakiś pozytywny sygnał". 08 lipiec 17:42. BRUKSELA. "Wiem, że niepokoje społeczne w niektórych krajach: to jest tragedia", powiedział Draghi, odnosząc się do krajów w trudnej sytuacji i zmusił do konsolidacji sprawozdań finansowych, podczas przesłuchania w Parlamencie Europejskim .. - ODPOWIEDŹ - @ Mario Draghi - ciebie lepiej niż ktokolwiek inny, co, można powiedzieć:). nie może być prawda, B) nie może być decydujący! zniszczyć na raz, nadużycie długu publicznego i długu prywatnego, ze moratorium wszystkich kredytów hipotecznych! You konfiskata wszystkich funduszy w nadmiarze: € 100.000, inaczej? 1. nie mają konstytucyjną suwerenność, 2. zbyt wielu ojców nadal popełnić samobójstwo, 3. Wojna nie można uniknąć. 4. i nie może być zwierzę faryzeusz Oświetlone ciebie też, w rzeczywistości, uważam, że wciąż jesteś człowiekiem

[Mario Draghi, hakkında, rekabet: İtalya ilerleme kaydetmiştir]. 'İspanya ile bazı cesaret verici bir işaret'. 8 Temmuz, 17:42. BRÜKSEL. "Ben bazı ülkelerde toplumsal huzursuzluk olduğunu biliyorum: bir trajedi," Draghi dedi, zorluk ülkelere atıfta bulunarak, ve Avrupa Parlamentosu'nda bir duruşmada, finansal tabloların konsolidasyon zorla .. - CEVAP - @ Mario Draghi - SİZ BAŞKA BİRİNE DAHA İYİ OLDUĞU, ne diyorsun: A). doğru olmayabilir, B) belirleyici olamaz! tüm mortgage kredilerinin moratoryum ile, aynı anda kamu borç ve özel borç dolandırıcılık yok! Farklı € 100.000: aşan tüm fonların Sen müsadere? 1. anayasal egemenlik, 2 yok. çok baba intihar, 3 işlemeye devam. Dünya Savaşı kaçınılması mümkün değildir. 4. ve siz de, aslında, ben hala bir insan olduğuna inanıyorum size Işıklı bir Ferisi bir canavar olamaz

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[Mario Draghi, sobre la competitividad: Italia ha avanzado]. "Con España alguna señal alentadora". 08 julio, 17:42. BRUSELAS. "Sé que el malestar social en algunos países: es una tragedia", dijo Draghi, en referencia a los países en dificultades, y obligó a la consolidación de los estados financieros, durante una audiencia en el Parlamento Europeo .. - RESPUESTA - @ Mario Draghi - USTED es mejor que cualquier otra persona, lo que, dice usted: A). no puede ser verdad, B) no puede ser decisivo! se destruye a la vez, el fraude de la deuda pública y la deuda privada, con la moratoria de los préstamos hipotecarios! Usted confiscación de todos los fondos en exceso de: € 100.000, de otra manera? 1. no tienen la soberanía constitucional, 2. muchos padres siguen cometiendo suicidio, 3. Guerra Mundial no se puede evitar. 4. y no puede ser la bestia de un fariseo que Iluminado también, de hecho, yo creo que tú eres todavía un ser humano

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[Mario Draghi, über, Wettbewerbsfähigkeit: Italien hat Fortschritte gemacht]. "Mit Spanien einige ermutigende Zeichen". 08. Juli 17.42. BRÜSSEL. "Ich weiß, dass die sozialen Unruhen in einigen Ländern: es ist eine Tragödie", sagte Draghi, die sich auf Länder in Schwierigkeiten, und zwang die Konsolidierung der Abschlüsse, während einer Anhörung im Europäischen Parlament .. - ANTWORT - @ Mario Draghi - SIE IST besser als jeder andere, was, sagen Sie: A). kann nicht wahr sein, B) kann nicht entscheidend sein! Sie zerstören auf einmal, den Betrug der öffentlichen Verschuldung und private Verschuldung, mit dem Moratorium aller Hypothekendarlehen! Sie Einziehung aller Fonds über: 100.000 € anders? 1. haben nicht den verfassungsrechtlichen Souveränität, 2. zu viele Väter weiterhin Selbstmord, 3 begehen. Weltkrieg nicht vermieden werden kann. 4. und man kann nicht das Tier von einem Pharisäer Beleuchtet Sie zu, in der Tat, ich glaube, dass Sie noch ein Mensch

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[Mario Draghi, sur la compétitivité: l'Italie a fait des progrès]. «Avec l'Espagne un signe encourageant». 08 Juillet, 17h42. BRUXELLES. «Je sais que les troubles sociaux dans certains pays: c'est une tragédie", a déclaré M. Draghi, en se référant aux pays en difficulté, RÉPONSE - @ Mario Draghi - VOUS vaut mieux que quiconque, ce qui, vous dites: A). ne peut pas être vrai, B) ne peut pas être décisif! vous détruisez à la fois, la fraude de la dette publique et la dette privée, avec le moratoire de tous les prêts hypothécaires! Vous confiscation de tous les fonds en excédent de: € 100.000, différemment? 1. n'ont pas la souveraineté constitutionnelle, 2. trop de pères continuent de se suicider, 3. La Première Guerre mondiale ne peut pas être évitée. 4. et vous ne pouvez pas être la bête d'un Pharisien vous Illuminated trop, en fait, je crois que vous êtes toujours un être humain

[Mario Draghi, about, competitiveness: Italy has made progress]. 'With Spain some encouraging sign'. 08 July, 17:42. BRUSSELS. "I know that the social unrest in some countries: it is a tragedy," said Draghi, referring to countries in difficulty, and forced the consolidation of the financial statements, during a hearing in the European Parliament .. - ANSWER - @ Mario Draghi - YOU IS BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE, what, you say: A). may not be true, B) can not be decisive! you destroy at once, the fraud of the public debt and private debt, with the moratorium of all mortgage loans! You confiscation of all funds in excess of: € 100,000, differently? 1. do not have the constitutional sovereignty, 2. too many fathers continue to commit suicide, 3. World War can not be avoided. 4. and you can not be the beast of a Pharisee Illuminated you too, in fact, I believe that you are still a human being

[Draghi su competitività: Italia ha fatto progressi]. 'Con la Spagna qualche segnale incoraggiante'. 08 luglio, 17:42. BRUXELLES. "So, che il disagio sociale in alcuni Paesi: è una tragedia", ha sottolineato Draghi, riferendosi ai Paesi in difficoltà, e costretti al consolidamento di bilancio, nel corso di un'audizione al Parlamento europeo.. --ANSWER -- @Mario Draghi -- TU SI MEGLIO DI CHIUNQUE ALTRO, che, quello che, tu dici: A). non può essere vero, B) non può essere risolutivo! tu distruggi immediatamente, la truffa del debito pubblico, e, del debito privato, con la moratoria, di tutti i mutui ipotecari! tu confisca tutti i capitali che superano: i 100.000 euro, diversamente? 1. non abbiamo la sovranità costituzionale, 2. troppi padri di famiglia continueranno, a commettere il suicidio, 3. la guerra mondiale non può essere evitata. 4. e tu non puoi essere la bestia di un fariseo Illuminato, infatti, io credo che tu sei ancora un essere umano

[Syria conflict: all criminal friends of Obama, sharia imperialism, to put in a corner Israel] The boy killed for an off-hand remark about Muhammad - Sharia, spreads in Syria. Mohammed Qataa's mother tried to stop armed men shooting her son. The murder of a boy accused of blasphemy has come to symbolise concerns about the power of Islamist radicals in Syria's armed uprising. Paul Wood reports from Aleppo on how Sharia is spreading in rebel-held areas. Mohammed Qataa's mother wanders the streets of Aleppo looking into strangers' faces as she tries to find her son's killers. She knows she would recognise them. She was looking right at them when, in front of a dumbstruck and terrified crowd, Mohammed was shot dead, accused of blasphemy. She remembers Mohammed as a happy, dutiful son, well known and well-liked in the Shaar neighbourhood

[Syria conflict: all criminal friends of Obama, sharia imperialism, to put in a corner Israel] where the men of the family scrape a living with a coffee cart. He was 14 years old, but with no schooling possible because of the war he was usually to be found on the busy main thoroughfare through Shaar, selling the thick, sweet coffee they prefer here. One day last month, someone asked him for a free cup. "Not even if the Prophet himself returns," he had replied, laughing. That remark was a death sentence. Mohammed Qataa, a 14-year-old boy shot dead for allegedly insulting the Prophet Mohammed Qataa, 14, was condemned for a joke he made when asked for a free cup of coffee. It was overheard by three armed men. They dragged him to a car and took him away. Half-an-hour later, a badly beaten Mohammed was dumped back in the road by his cart.

[Syria conflict: all criminal friends of Obama, sharia imperialism, to put in a corner Israel] The men, showing no fear that anyone would question what they were doing, summoned a crowd with shouts of "Oh People of Aleppo. Oh people of Shaar." Their bellows alerted Mohammed's mother. Recalling what happened next, she buries her face in her hands and weeps. One of them shouted: 'Whoever insults the Prophet will be killed according to Sharia'," she told me. "I ran down barefoot to the streets. I heard the first shot. I fell to the ground when I got there. "One of them shot him again and kicked him. He shot him for a third time and stamped on him. "I said: 'Why are you killing him? He's still a child!' The man shouted: 'He is not a Muslim - leave!'" 'Capital offence'. After the murder on 10 June, pictures of Mohammed's body went viral on Facebook and Twitter in Arabic.

[Syria conflict: all criminal friends of Obama, sharia imperialism, to put in a corner Israel] He had been shot in the face, a hole where his nose and mouth should have been. There was an outcry. It was claimed that the killers were from the main group linked to al-Qaeda here, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Suspicion also fell on the Nusra Front, the biggest Islamist organisation in the uprising. Both issued statements condemning the murder, as did almost all of Aleppo's rebel brigades, and the city's main Sharia court.

[Egypt unrest: 'Emotions running high' at hospital treating injured] 8 July 2013 Last updated at 12:12 GMT Help. At least 42 people have been shot dead near a military barracks in Cairo, amid ongoing unrest over the removal of Egypt's President Mohammed Morsi. The Muslim Brotherhood says its members were staging a pro-Morsi sit-in at the barracks, where he is believed to be in detention, when they were fired on. But the army said a "terrorist group" had tried to storm the barracks. Aleem Maqbool reports from a hospital in Cairo which is treating many of the injured. -- answer -- islamists salafis "muslims brothers". are: 1. criminal, 2. nazi, 3. liar, 4. terrorists, 5. criminals, 6. religious maniacs, 7. fanatics, 8. ignorant, 9. cult sharia imperialism Al Quaeda, for worldwide caliphate. .. then, there can be a place for them in society, civil! but this is a conspiracy of Rothschild IMF 666 NWO, and the Arab League against Israel

♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB ♰ lorenzojhwh . [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, ]ינקאַמפּאַטיביליטי, צווישן, קריסטנטום, און פרעעמאַסאָנרי: דזשאַהבולאָן: גאָט בעל: אַול, בייַ באָהעמיאַן גראָווע, 666, ימף 322): און, אמת יידישקייַט (יהווה)? זענען ינקאַמפּאַטאַבאַל! מיט, 666 עקסקאָממוניקאַטיאָנס, קעגן, פרימייסאַנרי? זיי זענען: אַלע פאַרברעכער: אַקאַמפּלאַסאַז, פון די סיגניערידזש באַנקינג: ימף: פייַנט פון אַלע פעלקער. דאס מאַסאָניק סיסטעם: פון אַלע די פאַלש דימאַקראַסיז. האָבן ווייאַלייטיד: מער סטראַטידזשיק געלטיק סאַווראַנטי! איז ניט גרינג פֿאַר אַ קאָלעגע פון מייַן, טרעטאַנד דורך זייַן העאַדמאַסטער, צו פֿאַרשטיין, אַז, דאָרט איז ניט מער דימאַקראַסיז, 1. פֿרייַהייט פון רייד, 2. פֿרייַהייט פון געוויסן, 3. פֿרייַהייט פון לערנען, ווייַל, די סוגיות זענען טאַבו, אין דער שולע מאַסאָניק איטאַליעניש! איר ניט צו זייַן צעמישט, קיינמאָל, דעם הויך: טריזאַן קאַנסטאַטושאַנאַל, מיט, ייִדיש מענטשן! גרויס פאַרברעכער, זענען בלויז 666 פרושים: גמרא סאַטאַניק: נעטורעי קאַרטאַ, פרושים פון די ימף: פֿאַר, פּלאַנירונג פון יעדער: חורבן: קעגן, זייער אייגן מענטשן, ישראל, עקק .. ווייַל, צו טאָן די פּעראַסייץ: קעגן: אַלע פּעאָפּלעס? זענען גרייט צו טאָן קיין פאַרברעכן!

không tương thích, giữa Kitô giáo, và Freemasonry: Jahbulon: thần Baal: cú, Bohemian Grove, 666, IMF 322): và, true Do Thái giáo (Đức Giê-hô-va)? không phù hợp! , 666 giải vạ tuyệt thông, chống lại, Tam? đó là: tất cả các tội phạm: đồng phạm, trong những ngân hàng quyền của lảnh chúa: IMF: kẻ thù của tất cả nhân dân. Hệ thống này Masonic: tất cả các nền dân chủ giả. đã vi phạm: chiến lược chủ quyền tiền tệ hơn! không phải là dễ dàng cho một đồng nghiệp của tôi, bị đe dọa bởi Hiệu trưởng của ông, để hiểu rằng, không có nền dân chủ hơn, 1. tự do ngôn luận, 2. tự do lương tâm, 3. tự do giảng dạy, bởi vì, các chủ đề này là điều cấm kỵ, Masonic trường Ý! Bạn đừng nhầm lẫn, không bao giờ, này tội phản quốc cao: hiến pháp, với dân Do Thái! Big hình sự, chỉ có 666 người Pharisêu: Talmud Satan: Neturei Karta, người Pha-ri-si của Quỹ Tiền tệ Quốc tế (IMF), lập kế hoạch của mỗi: Shoah: chống lại, người dân của họ, Israel, ecc .. bởi vì, để làm ký sinh trùng: chống lại: tất cả các dân? sẵn sàng làm bất cứ tội gì!
عدم مطابقت کے درمیان، عیسائیت، اور Freemasonry: Jahbulon: خدا بعل: اللو، بوہینیا گرو، 666، 322، آئی ایم ایف) میں اور، کیا یہ سچ (YHWH) یہودیت؟ مطابقت نہیں ہے! کے ساتھ، کے خلاف، freemasonry 666 excommunications،؟ وہ ہیں: تمام مجرمانہ ساتھیوں seigniorage بینکاری کی: آئی ایم ایف: تمام عوام کا دشمن ہے. یہ Masonic نظام: تمام جھوٹے جمہوری ممالک کے. کی خلاف ورزی کی ہے: زیادہ سٹریٹجک مانیٹری خودمختاری! میرے ایک ساتھی، اس کے ہیڈ ماسٹر کی طرف سے دھمکی دی کے لئے آسان نہیں ہے، سمجھ، کہ کوئی جمہوریتوں، 1. تقریر کی آزادی، 2. ضمیر کی آزادی، 3. تعلیم کی آزادی، کیونکہ، ان موضوعات ممنوع اسکول Masonic اطالوی میں ہیں! تمہیں نہیں رکھا جائے الجھن، یہ اعلی، کبھی نہیں: آئینی غداری ہے، کے ساتھ یہودی لوگوں! بگ مجرمانہ 666 صرف فریسیوں ہیں: Talmud شیطانی: Neturei Karta، آئی ایم ایف کے فریسیوں کے، ہر ایک کی منصوبہ بندی: Shoah: .. کے خلاف، ان کے اپنے لوگوں، اسرائیل ای سی سی، کے خلاف: کیونکہ پرجیویوں کرنا تمام لوگوں کو؟ کسی جرم کرنے کے لئے تیار ہیں!

összeférhetetlenség között, a kereszténység és szabadkőművesség: Jahbulon: god Baal: bagoly, a Bohemian Grove, 666, IMF 322): és igaz zsidó (YHWH)? összeegyeztethetetlenek! A, 666 kiátkozások, ellen, a szabadkőművességet? ezek: az összes bűnügyi: cinkosai, a seigniorage banki: IMF: ellensége minden népek. Ez a szabadkőműves rendszer: az összes hamis demokráciákban. megszegte: stratégiai monetáris szuverenitás! nem könnyű egy kollégám, aki igazgató által fenyegetett, hogy megértsék, hogy nincs több demokráciákban, 1. szólásszabadság, 2. a lelkiismereti, 3. tanítás szabadságának, mert ezek a kérdések tabu, az iskolában szabadkőműves olasz! Azt nem lehet összekeverni, soha, ez a nagy: árulás alkotmányos, a zsidó emberek! Big büntetőjogi, csak 666 farizeusoknak: Talmud sátáni: Neturei Karta, farizeusok az IMF: az, tervezése minden: Shoah: ellene, saját népük, Izrael, ecc .. mert hogy nem a paraziták: ellene: minden népnek? hajlandó megtenni semmilyen bűncselekmény!

несумісності між, християнства і масонства: Jahbulon: бог Баал: сова, в Bohemian Grove, 666, МВФ 322), і, правда іудаїзму (Єгова)? несумісні! з, 666 відлучення, проти, масонство? то вони такі: всі кримінальні: спільників, з сеньйораж особам: МВФ: ворог всіх народів. Ця масонська система: всі помилкові демократії. порушили: більш стратегічного валютного суверенітету! Не просто для мого колеги, погрожував його директору, щоб зрозуміти, що більше немає демократії, 1. свобода слова, 2. свобода совісті, 3. свобода викладання, тому що ці теми є табу, в школі масонські італійські! Ви не плутати, ніколи, це висока: зрада конституційного, с, єврейський народ! Великий кримінальній, тільки 666 фарисеям: Талмуд сатанинської: Нетурей Карта, фарисеї МВФ: для, планування кожного з них: Голокост: проти власного народу, Ізраїля, ECC .. тому що, щоб зробити паразитів: від: усіх народів? готові зробити будь-який злочин!

uyumsuzluk arasında, Hıristiyanlık ve Masonluk: Jahbulon: Bohemian Grove, 666, IMF 322) at baykuş: tanrı Baal ve gerçek Yahudilik (YHWH)? uyumsuz! Masonluğa karşı 666 excommunications, ile? bunlar: Tüm ceza: suç, senyoraj bankacılık: IMF: Tüm Halk düşmanı. Bu masonik sistemi: tüm sahte demokrasilerin. ihlal etmiş: daha stratejik parasal egemenlik! Artık demokrasiler, 1 olduğunu, yani, anlamak için, onun müdürü tarafından tehdit benim bir meslektaşım için kolay değildir. ifade özgürlüğü, 2. vicdan özgürlüğü, 3. öğretim özgürlüğü, çünkü bu konular okul Masonik İtalyanca, tabu vardır! Sen karıştırılmamalıdır değil, asla, bu yüksek: anayasa ihanet, ile, Yahudi halkı! Büyük suç, sadece 666 Ferisiler vardır: Talmud satanist: Neturei Karta, IMF Ferisiler: için, her planlama: Shoah: kendi halkına karşı, İsrail, ecc .. çünkü, parazitler yapmak: karşı: Tüm Halk? herhangi bir suç yapmak için hazırız!

లేకపోవటం, మధ్య, క్రైస్తవ మతం, మరియు ఫ్రీమాసన్రీ: Jahbulon: బోహేమియన్ గ్రోవ్, 666, 322 IMF) వద్ద గుడ్లగూబ,: దేవుడు బాల్ మరియు, నిజమైన జుడాయిజం (YHWH)? అననుకూలమైనవి! రాతితో, వ్యతిరేకంగా 666 బహిష్కరణలకు, తో? అవి: అన్ని క్రిమినల్: సహచరులను, నాణాల సుంకం బ్యాంకింగ్ యొక్క: IMF: అన్ని పీపుల్స్ యొక్క శత్రువు. ఈ మసోనిక్ వ్యవస్థ: అన్ని తప్పుడు గణతంత్రాలలో. అతిక్రమించి: మరింత వ్యూహాత్మక ద్రవ్య సార్వభౌమత్వాన్ని! no more ప్రజాస్వామ్యాలు, 1 ఉంది, ఆ, అర్థం, తన Headmaster బెదిరించాడు గని ఒక సహోద్యోగి, సులభంగా కాదు. వాక్ స్వాతంత్ర్యం, 2. మనస్సాక్షి స్వేచ్ఛ, 3. టీచింగ్ స్వేచ్ఛ, ఎందుకంటే, ఈ విషయాలు పాఠశాల మసోనిక్ ఇటాలియన్ లో, నిషేధం ఉంటాయి! మీరు అయోమయం లేదు, ఎప్పుడూ, ఈ అధిక: రాజ్యాంగ ద్రోహానికి తో, యూదు ప్రజలు! బిగ్ క్రిమినల్ మాత్రమే 666 Pharisees ఉన్నాయి: ధర్మశాస్త్రం పైశాచికత్వం: Neturei కర్తా, IMF యొక్క Pharisees: కోసం, ప్రతి యొక్క ప్రణాళిక: Shoah: వారి ప్రజల వ్యతిరేకంగా, ఇజ్రాయెల్, ecc .. ఎందుకంటే, పరాన్నజీవులు చేయడానికి: వ్యతిరేకంగా: అన్నీ పీపుల్స్? ఏ నేరం చేయడానికి ఒప్పుకున్న!

Inkompatibilität zwischen Christentum und Freimaurerei: Jahbulon: Baal: Eule, in Bohemian Grove, 666, IMF 322): und wahre Judentum (YHWH)? sind unvereinbar! mit, 666 Exkommunikation gegen die Freimaurerei? sie sind: alle kriminellen: Komplizen, der Seigniorage-Banking: IWF: Feind aller Völker. Diese Freimaurer-System: von all den falschen Demokratien. verletzt haben: mehr strategische monetäre Souveränität! ist nicht für ein Kollege von mir, von seinem Schulleiter bedroht einfach, zu verstehen, dass es keine mehr Demokratien, 1. Freiheit der Rede, 2. Freiheit des Gewissens, 3. Freiheit der Lehre, da sind diese Themen tabu, in der Schule Masonic Italian! Sie nicht zu verwechseln, nie, diese hohe: Verrat verfassungsrechtlichen, mit, jüdische Volk! Big Verbrecher, sind nur 666 Pharisäer: Talmud satanischen: Neturei Karta, Pharisäer des IWF: für die Planung der einzelnen: Shoah: gegen, ihr eigenes Volk, Israel, ecc .. denn zu tun, die Parasiten: gegen: alle Völker? sind bereit, jedes Verbrechen zu tun!

ஒவ்வாமை, இடையே, கிறித்துவம், மற்றும் விடுதலை கட்டுநர்: Jahbulon: போஹேமியன் குரோவ், 666, சர்வதேச நாணய நிதியம் 322) உள்ள ஆந்தை,: கடவுள் Baal மற்றும், உண்மையான யூத (YHWH)? இணக்கமுடையதல்லை! விடுதலை கட்டுநர், எதிராக 666 excommunications, உடன்? அவர்கள்: அனைத்து குற்றவியல்: கூட்டாளிகளும், உரிமை வரி வங்கி: சர்வதேச நாணய நிதியம்: அனைத்து மக்கள் எதிரி. இந்த கட்டுமான அமைப்பு: எல்லா தவறான ஜனநாயகங்களுக்குள்ளான. மீறியதாக: மேலும் மூலோபாய பண இறையாண்மை! எந்த ஜனநாயக, 1 உள்ளது, என்று, புரிந்து கொள்ள, அவரது தலைமை ஆசிரியர் அச்சுறுத்தப்படும் என்னுடைய ஒரு சக, எளிதாக இல்லை. பேச்சு சுதந்திரம், 2. மனசாட்சி சுதந்திரம், 3. ஆசிரியர் சுதந்திரம், ஏனெனில், இந்த தலைப்புகள் பள்ளி கட்டுமான இத்தாலிய, விலக்கப்பட்ட இருக்கும்! நீங்கள் குழப்பி கொள்ள கூடாது, இல்லை, இந்த உயர்: அரசியலமைப்பு துரோகத்தையும், உடன், யூத மக்கள்! பெரிய குற்றம், மட்டும் 666 Pharisees இருக்கும்: டால்முட் சாத்தான்கள்: Neturei கர்டா, சர்வதேச நாணய நிதியத்தின் Pharisees: ஐந்து, ஒவ்வொரு திட்டம்: Shoah: தங்களது சொந்த மக்கள் மீது, இஸ்ரேல், ecc .. ஏனெனில், ஒட்டுண்ணிகள் செய்ய: எதிரான: அனைத்து மக்கள்? எந்த குற்றம் செய்ய தயாராக உள்ளனர்!

ความไม่ลงรอยกันระหว่างศาสนาคริสต์และความสามัคคี: Jahbulon: god Baal: นกฮูกที่โบฮีเมียนโกรฟ, 666, 322 กองทุนการเงินระหว่างประเทศ): และจริงยูดาย (YHWH)? เข้ากันไม่ได้! กับ 666 excommunications กับ, สามัคคี? พวกเขาคือความผิดทางอาญาทั้งหมด: สมรู้ร่วมคิดของธนาคาร Seigniorage: IMF: ศัตรูของประชาชนทั้งหมด ระบบนี้ก่ออิฐ: ประชาธิปไตยของทุกเท็จ มีการละเมิด: อำนาจอธิปไตยทางการเงินเชิงกลยุทธ์มากขึ้น! ไม่ใช่เรื่องง่ายสำหรับเพื่อนร่วมงานของฉันถูกคุกคามโดยอาจารย์ใหญ่ของเขาที่จะเข้าใจว่าไม่มีประชาธิปไตยมากขึ้น 1 เสรีภาพในการพูด, 2 เสรีภาพของจิตสำนึก, 3 เสรีภาพในการเรียนการสอนเพราะหัวข้อเหล่านี้มีข้อห้ามในโรงเรียนอิฐอิตาลี! คุณไม่ต้องวุ่นวายไม่เคยนี้สูง: กบฏรัฐธรรมนูญกับคนยิว! บิ๊กอาญาเป็นเพียง 666 พวกฟาริสี: ภาคภูมินรก: Neturei Karta พวกฟาริสีของ IMF: สำหรับการวางแผนของแต่ละ Shoah: กับคนของตัวเอง, อิสราเอล, ecc .. เพราะการทำเช่นปรสิต: กับ: ประชาชนทั้งหมดหรือไม่ ยินดีที่จะทำผิดอะไร!

incompatibility, kati ya, Ukristo, na Freemasonry: Jahbulon: mungu Baali: Bundi, saa Bohemian Grove, 666, 322 IMF): na, kweli Judaism (YHWH)? haziendani! na, 666 excommunications, dhidi, Freemasonry? wao ni: zote jinai: accomplices, benki ya seigniorage: IMF: adui wa Watu wote. Huu mfumo wa Kimasoni: ya demokrasia ya uongo. vunja: zaidi ya kimkakati ya fedha uhuru! siyo rahisi kwa mwenzake wa mgodi, kutishiwa na Headmaster wake, kuelewa, kwamba, hakuna demokrasia zaidi, 1. uhuru wa kusema, 2. uhuru wa dhamiri, 3. uhuru wa kufundisha, kwa sababu, mada hizi ni mwiko, katika shule Masonic Kiitaliano! Wewe Si kuwa na kuchanganyikiwa, kamwe, hii juu: uhaini ya kikatiba, na, Wayahudi watu! Big jinai, ni tu 666 Mafarisayo: Talmud kishetani: Neturei Karta, Mafarisayo wa IMF: kwa, mipango ya kila: Shoah: dhidi ya, watu wao wenyewe, Israeli, ECC .. kwa sababu, kufanya vimelea: dhidi ya: Watu wote? wako tayari kufanya lolote uhalifu!

inkompatibilitet mellan, kristendom och frimureriet: Jahbulon: Baal: uggla, på Bohemian Grove, 666, IMF 322): och, sann judendom (YHWH)? är oförenliga! med 666 bannlysningar, mot, frimureri? de är: alla kriminella: medbrottslingar, av seigniorage bank: IMF: fiende alla folk. Denna Masonic system: alla de falska demokratier. har brutit: mer strategiskt monetär suveränitet! är inte lätt för en kollega till mig, hotade av hans rektor, att förstå, att det inte finns mer demokratier, 1. yttrandefrihet, 2. samvetsfrihet, 3. frihet undervisning, eftersom dessa ämnen är tabu, i skolan frimurarnas italienska! Du Inte att förväxla, aldrig, denna hög: förräderi konstitutionella, med judiska folket! Stora kriminella, bara 666 fariséerna: Talmud Satanic: Neturei Karta, fariséerna av IMF: för, planering av varje: Shoah: mot, sitt eget folk, Israel, ECC .. eftersom att göra parasiterna: emot: alla folk? är villiga att göra något brott!

incompatibilidad entre el cristianismo y la masonería: Jahbulon: dios Baal: búho, en Bohemian Grove, 666, FMI 322), y, verdadero judaísmo (YHWH)? son incompatibles! con, 666 excomuniones, contra, la masonería? que son: todos penal: cómplices de la banca señoreaje: FMI: enemigo de todos los Pueblos. Este sistema masónico: de todas las falsas democracias. han violado: la soberanía monetaria más estratégico! No es fácil para un colega mío, amenazado por su Director, de entender, que, no hay más democracias, 1. libertad de expresión, 2. la libertad de conciencia, 3. la libertad de enseñanza, ya que, estos temas son tabú en la escuela masónica italiana! Usted no debe confundirse nunca, este alto: la traición constitucional, con, el pueblo judío! Gran criminal, son sólo 666 fariseos: Talmud satánico: Neturei Karta, los fariseos del FMI: para, la planificación de cada uno: Shoah: contra su propio pueblo, Israel, ecc .. porque, para hacer los parásitos: en contra: todos los Pueblos? están dispuestos a hacer cualquier crimen!

neskladje med, krščanstvo in prostozidarstvo: Jahbulon: bog Baal: sova, v Bohemian Grove, 666, 322 IMF): in res, judovstvo (YHWH)? niso združljive! s, 666 excommunications, proti, prostozidarstvo? so: vse kazenske: pomagačem od izdajanja bankovcev bančništva: IMF: sovražnik vseh narodov. Ta prostozidarski sistem: vseh napačnih demokracij. Kršene so: bolj strateško denarno suverenost! ni enostavno za mojega kolega, ogrožena zaradi njegove ravnatelj, da bi razumeli, da ni več demokracije, 1. svoboda govora, 2. svoboda vesti, 3. svoboda poučevanja, saj so te teme tabu, je v šolskem Masonic italijanščini! Če ne gre zamenjevati, nikoli, to high: izdajstvo z ustavo, z, judovsko ljudstvo! Big zločinec, le 666 farizeji: Talmud satanska: Neturei Karta, farizeji Mednarodnega denarnega sklada: za, načrtovanje vsakega: Šoah: proti svojim lastnim ljudem, Izrael, ecc .. saj storiti parazite: proti: Vsa ljudstva? so pripravljeni storiti nobenega kaznivega dejanja!

nezlučiteľnosti, medzi, kresťanstvo, a Freemasonry: Jahbulon: boh Baal: sova, v Bohemian Grove, 666, 322) MMF: a, pravda, Judaizmus (JHVH)? sú nezlučiteľné! s, 666 exkomunikáciou, proti, slobodomurárstvo? sú: všetky trestné: spolupáchatelia, z razenia zo strany bankovníctva: MMF: nepriateľ všetkých národov. Táto slobodomurárskej systém: zo všetkých falošných demokraciou. porušili: viac strategický menovú suverenitu! nie je ľahké pre môj kolega, ohrozená jeho riaditeľa, pochopiť, že nie sú k dispozícii žiadne ďalšie demokracie, 1. sloboda prejavu, 2. sloboda svedomia, 3. sloboda výučby, pretože tieto témy sú tabu, v školskom slobodomurárskej taliančine! Tie Nenechajte sa zmiasť, nikdy, toto vysoké: zrada ústavné, s, Židia! Big trestné, len 666 farizeji: Talmud satanistické: Neturei Karta, farizeji z MMF: za plánovanie každého: SOA: proti, vlastným ľuďom, Izrael, ecc .. pretože robiť parazitmi: proti: Všetky národy? sú ochotní urobiť akýkoľvek zločin!

неспојивост између, хришћанство и слободно зидарство: Јахбулон: бог Баал: сова, на боемске гају, 666, 322) ММФ: и, истина јудаизам (ИХВХ)? су неспојиве! са, 666 екцоммуницатионс, против, масонерије? су: сви злочинац: сауцесници, од емисионе добити банкарског: ММФ: непријатељ свих народа. Овај Масонски систем: од свих лажних демократијама. прекршили: више стратешки монетарну сувереност! није лако за колеге угрожен његов Директоре, да разуме, да, нема више демократије, 1. слобода говора, 2. слобода савести, 3. слобода наставе, јер ове теме су табу, у школској масонске италијанском! Ви не треба мешати, никада, ово високо: издаја уставно, са, јеврејски народ! Велики криминалац, само су 666 фарисеји: Талмуд сатански: Нетуреи Картица, фарисеји од ММФ: за, планирање сваки: Шоа: против, сопственог народа, Израел, ецц .. јер, да паразите: против: сви народи? су спремни да раде било какав злочин!

несовместимости между, христианства и масонства: Jahbulon: бог Ваал: сова, в Bohemian Grove, 666, МВФ 322), и, правда иудаизма (Иегова)? несовместимы! с, 666 отлучения, против, масонство? то они таковы: все уголовные: сообщников, из сеньораж лицам: МВФ: враг всех народов. Эта масонская система: все ложные демократии. нарушившие: более стратегического валютного суверенитета! Не просто для моего коллеги, угрожал его директору, чтобы понять, что больше нет демократии, 1. свобода слова, 2. свобода совести, 3. свобода преподавания, потому что эти темы являются табу, в школе масонские итальянские! Вы не путать, никогда, это высокая: измена конституционного, с, еврейский народ! Большой уголовному, только 666 фарисеям: Талмуд сатанинской: Нетурей Карта, фарисеи МВФ: для, планирование каждого из них: Холокост: против собственного народа, Израиля, ECC .. потому что, чтобы сделать паразитов: от: всех народов? готовы сделать любое преступление!

incompatibilitate, între, creștinism, și Francmasoneria: Jahbulon: Dumnezeu Baal: bufniță, la Bohemian Grove, 666, FMI 322): și, adevărate iudaismul (YHWH)? sunt incompatibile! cu, 666, excomunicări împotriva, francmasoneria? acestea sunt: toate penală: complici, a bancare seigniorage: FMI: dușman al tuturor popoarelor. Acest sistem masonică: din toate democrațiile false. au încălcat: suveranitatea monetară mai strategică! nu este ușor pentru un coleg de-al meu, amenințată de Director său, să înțeleagă, că, nu există democrații mai, 1. libertatea de exprimare, 2. libertatea de conștiință, 3. libertatea de predare, deoarece, aceste subiecte sunt tabu, în masonic școala italiană! Să nu fi confundat niciodată,, acest mare: trădare constituțională, cu, poporul evreu! Mare criminal, sunt doar 666 fariseii: Talmudul satanice: Neturei Karta, Fariseii de FMI: pentru, planificarea de fiecare: Shoah-ului: împotriva, propriul popor, Israel, ECC .. deoarece, pentru a face parazitii: împotriva: toate Peoples? sunt dispuși să facă orice crimă!

incompatibilidade entre o cristianismo e Maçonaria: Jahbulon: deus Baal: Coruja, no Bohemian Grove, 666, 322 FMI): e, verdadeiro judaísmo (YHWH)? são incompatíveis! com, 666 excomunhões, contra, a maçonaria? são eles: todos criminal: cúmplices, da banca de senhoriagem: FMI: inimigo de todos os Povos. Este sistema maçônico: de todas as democracias falsos. ter violado: mais estratégica soberania monetária! não é fácil para um colega meu, ameaçado por seu Diretor, de entender, que, não há democracias mais, 1. liberdade de expressão, 2. liberdade de consciência, 3. liberdade de ensino, pois, estes temas são tabu, no Masonic escola italiana! Você não deve ser confundido, nunca, esta elevação: traição constitucional, com, o povo judeu! Big criminal, são apenas 666 fariseus: Talmud satânico: Neturei Karta, fariseus do FMI: para, o planejamento de cada um: Shoah: contra, o seu próprio povo, Israel, ecc .. porque, para fazer os parasitas: contra: todos os povos? estão dispostos a fazer qualquer crime!

niezgodność pomiędzy, chrześcijaństwo i masoneria: Jahbulon: bóg Baal: sowa, w Bohemian Grove, 666, MFW 322): i, prawdziwy judaizm (JHWH)? są niezgodne! z, 666 ekskomuniki, przeciw, masoneria? są: wszystkie karne: wspólników, z tytułu emisji pieniądza bankowego: MFW: wróg wszystkich narodów. Ten masoński system: wszystkich demokracjach fałszywych. naruszone: bardziej strategiczne suwerenności monetarnej! nie jest łatwe dla mojego kolegi, zagrożonego przez jego dyrektora, aby zrozumieć, że nie ma więcej demokracji, 1. wolność słowa, 2. wolność sumienia, 3. wolność nauczania, bo te tematy są tabu w szkole masońskiej Włoski! Ty Nie mylić, nigdy, to wysoka: zdrada konstytucyjne, z, Żydzi! Big karnych, są tylko 666 Faryzeusze: Talmud szatański: Neturei Karta, faryzeusze z MFW: za, planowanie każda: Shoah: przeciw, własnego narodu, Izraela, ecc .. dlatego, aby zrobić pasożyty: przeciw: Wszystkie narody? są gotowi zrobić żadnego przestępstwa!

ناسازگاری، بین، مسیحیت، و فراماسونری: Jahbulon: خدا بعل: جغد، در بیشه غیرمتعارف، 666، IMF 322): و، درست یهودیت (YHWH)؟ ناسازگار! با، 666 excommunications، در برابر، فراماسونری؟ آنها عبارتند از:: شریک تمام جنایی، بانکداری حق الضرب: صندوق بین المللی پول: دشمن از همه مردم است. این سیستم ماسونی: از همه دموکراسی های کاذب. را نقض کرده اند: حاکمیت استراتژیک پولی! برای یکی از همکاران من، که توسط مدیر خود را در معرض تهدید است آسان نیست، به درک، که، هیچ دموکراسی، 1 وجود دارد. آزادی بیان، 2. آزادی وجدان، 3. آزادی از آموزش است، زیرا این موضوع تابو، ایتالیایی ماسونی در مدرسه! شما هنوز به اشتباه گرفته شود، هرگز این بالا: قانون اساسی خیانت، با، مردم یهودی! بیگ جنایی، تنها 666 Pharisees: تلمود شیطانی: Neturei کارته، Pharisees از صندوق بین المللی پول: برای هر یک از هولوکاست، برنامه ریزی: در مقابل، مردم خود، اسرائیل، کمیسیون شکایات انتخاباتی ... است، زیرا برای انجام انگل در برابر: همه مردم؟ مایل به انجام هیچ جرمی!

onverenigbaarheid tussen, het christendom en de Vrijmetselarij: JAHBULON: god Baal: uil, op Bohemian Grove, 666, IMF 322): en, ware het jodendom (JHWH)? onverenigbaar! met, 666 excommunicatie, tegen, de vrijmetselarij? ze zijn: alle criminele: medeplichtigen, van de seigniorage-bankieren: IMF: vijand van alle Volkeren. Dit Masonic systeem: van alle valse democratieën. hebben geschonden: meer strategische monetaire soevereiniteit! is niet gemakkelijk voor een collega van mij, bedreigd door zijn Directeur, om te begrijpen, dat er niet meer democratieën, 1. vrijheid van meningsuiting, 2. vrijheid van geweten, 3. de vrijheid van onderwijs, omdat deze onderwerpen zijn taboe, in de school Masonic Italiaans! Je mag niet verward worden, nooit, dit hoog: verraad constitutionele, met, Joodse volk! Grote crimineel, zijn slechts 666 Farizeeën: Talmoed satanische: Neturei Karta, Farizeeën van het IMF: voor, planning van elk: Shoah: tegen, hun eigen volk, Israël, ecc .. omdat, om de parasieten te doen: tegen: alle volkeren? zijn bereid om elke misdaad te doen!

inkompatibilitet mellom, kristendom og frimureri: Jahbulon: gud Baal: ugle, på Bohemian Grove, 666, 322 IMF): og, sann jødedom (YHWH)? er uforenlige! med, 666 ekskommunikasjonen, mot, frimureri? de er: alle kriminelle: medskyldige, av seigniorage banker: IMF: fiende av alle folk. Dette Masonic system: av alle de falske demokratier. har brutt: mer strategisk penge suverenitet! er ikke lett for en kollega av meg, truet av rektor sin, for å forstå at det er ingen flere demokratier, en. ytringsfrihet, 2. samvittighetsfrihet, 3. frihet undervisning, fordi disse temaene er tabu, i skolen Masonic italiensk! Du Må ikke forveksles, aldri, dette høyt: forræderi konstitusjonelle, med jødiske folk! Big kriminelle, er bare 666 fariseere: Talmud sataniske: Neturei Karta, fariseere av IMF: for, planlegging av hver: Shoah: mot, sitt eget folk, Israel, ecc .. fordi, for å gjøre parasitter: mot: alle Peoples? er villig til å gjøre noe kriminelt!

inkompatibbiltà, bejn, Kristjaneżmu, u Freemasonry: Jahbulon: god Baal: kokka, fil Bohemian Grove, 666, IMF 322): u, vera Ġudaiżmu (YHWH)? huma inkompatibbli! ma ', 666 excommunications, kontra, freemasonry? dawn huma: kollha kriminali: kompliċi, ta 'l-industrija bankarja seigniorage: FMI: ghadu ta' l-Popli. Din is-sistema Masonic: ta 'l-demokraziji foloz. kisru: aktar strateġiku sovranità monetarja! Mhuwiex faċli għal xi kollega ta 'mini, mhedda mill Surmast tiegħu, biex jifhmu, li, m'hemm l-ebda demokraziji aktar, 1. libertà tal-kelma, 2. libertà tal-kuxjenza, 3. libertà ta 'tagħlim, għaliex, dawn is-suġġetti huma tabù, fil-Taljan Masonic iskola! Inti Ma tridx tiġi konfuża, qatt, din għoli: tradiment kostituzzjonali, mal-poplu Lhudi! Big kriminali, huma biss 666 Pharisees: Talmud satanic: Neturei Karta, Pharisees tal-FMI: għal, l-ippjanar ta 'kull: Shoah: kontra, in-nies tagħhom stess, l-Iżrael, ECC .. għaliex, biex jagħmlu l-parassiti, kontra: kollha Popli? huma lesti li jagħmlu xi delitt!

ketidakserasian, antara, Kristian, dan Freemasonry: Jahbulon: tuhan Baal: burung hantu, di Bohemian Grove, 666, IMF 322): dan, benar Yahudi (YHWH)? tidak serasi! , 666 excommunications, terhadap, Freemason? mereka adalah: semua jenayah: rakan sejenayah, perbankan hak pemilik tanah: IMF: musuh semua umat. Ini sistem Masonik: semua demokrasi palsu. telah melanggar: kedaulatan monetari yang lebih strategik! bukan mudah untuk rakan sekerja saya, diancam oleh Guru Besar, untuk memahami, bahawa, tidak ada demokrasi lagi, 1. kebebasan bersuara, 2. kebebasan beragama, 3. kebebasan pengajaran, kerana, topik-topik yang dilarang, di sekolah Masonik Itali! Anda Tidak boleh dikelirukan, tidak pernah, ini tinggi: pengkhianatan perlembagaan, dengan, orang Yahudi! Big jenayah, hanya 666 Farisi: Talmud iblis: Neturei Karta, Farisi IMF:, merancang setiap: Shoah: terhadap, orang-orang mereka sendiri, Israel, ECC .. kerana, untuk melakukan parasit: terhadap: semua Rakyat? bersedia untuk melakukan apa-apa jenayah!

некомпатибилност, меѓу христијанството и Масонеријата: Jahbulon: бог Ваал: був, во Бохемија Гроув, 666, ММФ 322): и, вистински јудаизмот (YHWH)? се некомпатибилни! со тоа, 666 екскомуникациите, против, Масони? тие се: сите криминални: соучесници, на феодална власт банкарски: ММФ: непријател на сите народи. Овој масонски систем: на сите лажни демократии. го прекршиле: повеќе стратешки монетарната суверенитет! не е лесно за еден мој колега, загрозени од неговата директорот, да се разбере, дека, не постои повеќе демократии, 1. слободата на говорот, 2. слобода на совеста, 3. слобода на наставата, бидејќи овие теми се табу тема, во училиштето Масонски италијански! Вие не треба да се меша, никогаш, оваа high: предавство уставни, со, еврејскиот народ! Голем криминалец, само 666 фарисеите: Талмуд сатанска: Neturei карта, фарисеите на ММФ: за, планирање на секој: холокаустот: против, сопствениот народ, Израел, КЕШ .. затоа, да се направи на паразити: против: сите народи? се подготвени да се направи било криминал!

nesuderinamumas tarp krikščionybės, ir Masonai: Jahbulon: dievas Baalas: pelėda, Bohemian Grove, 666, TVF 322) ir, tiesa, judaizmas (YHWH)? yra nesuderinami! 666 excommunications, prieš, Masonai? jie yra: visas baudžiamąsias: bendrininkai, senjoražo bankininkystė: TVF: Enemy visų tautų. Tai masonų sistema: visų klaidingų demokratijų. pažeidė: labiau strateginį pinigų suverenitetą! nėra lengva, mano kolega, grasino jo, direktoriaus nemalonę, suprasti, kad yra ne daugiau demokratijos, 1. žodžio laisvė, 2. sąžinės laisvė, 3. mokymo laisvė, nes šios temos yra tabu, mokyklos masonų italų! Jūs Nepainioti, niekada, tai didelis: išdavystė konstitucines, su žydų tauta! Didelė kriminalinė, yra tik 666 Fariziejai: Talmudas šėtoniškoje: Neturei Karta, fariziejai TVF:, planuojant kiekvieną: Šoa: prieš, savo tautos, Izraelio, ecc .. , nes tai padaryti parazitus: nuo: visų tautų? yra pasirengę padaryti bet kokį nusikaltimą!

nesaderība starp, kristietība, un Brīvmūrniecība: Jahbulon: Dievs Baals: pūce, pie Bohemian Grove, 666, SVF 322): un, patiesi jūdaisms (YHWH)? ir saderīgi! ar, 666 excommunications, pret, brīvmūrniecība? tie ir: visi krimināllietu: līdzdalībnieki, no senjora banku: SVF: ienaidnieks visu tautu. Šī Masonu sistēma: visu viltus demokrātiju. ir pārkāpis: stratēģiska monetāro suverenitāti! nav viegli kolēģis raktuvju, apdraud viņa direktors, lai saprastu, ka ir ne vairāk demokrātijas, 1. vārda brīvību, 2. apziņas, 3. brīvība mācību, jo šie temati ir tabu, jo skolas Masonic itāļu! Jums Nedrīkst jaukt, nekad, šis augstais: nodevību konstitucionālo, ar ebreju tauta! Liels krimināllietu, ir tikai 666 farizeji: Talmuds sātanisks: Neturei Karta, farizeji no SVF: par, plānojot katru: holokausta: pret, savu tautu, Izraēla, ECC .. jo, lai darīt parazītus: pret: visu tautu? ir gatavi darīt kādu noziegumu!

incompossibilitas vero inter Christianitatem, et Freemasonry: Jahbulon deus Baal: noctuam, ad Bohemicum Grove, DCLXVI, IMF CCCXXII): et, vera Iudaismum (YHWH)? repugnant! cum, DCLXVI excommunicationibus, contra, freemasonry? sunt: omnes scelerate: complices, de seigniorage fretus: IMF: hostis omnium populorum. Hoc Cimentarius system: de omnia falsa democratica. vitiasse: acrior opportunis Pyxidis, potestas! haud facile collega meo metu sibi Headmaster intelligere quod non est democratica, I. libertas loquendi II. conscientiae libertas, III. libertatem docendi, quia, his locis sunt uiolare et frangere morsu, in schola Cimentarius Italian! Non est confundenda, neque tanti: Insidiæ constituta, cum populus Iudaeorum! Big criminalibus, sunt solum DCLXVI Pharisees: talmud satanica: Neturei Karta, Pharisæi quod de IMF: nam, planning singulorum: Shoah: contra, suum proprium populum Israel, Eccle .. quia, ad faciendum parasites: contra: omnes Populis? volunt facinus!

incompatibility ລະຫວ່າງ, Christianity, ແລະ Freemasonry: Jahbulon: ໃສ Baal: owl, ຢູ່ທີ່ພາສາ Bohemian Grove, 666, ອົງການ IMF 322): ແລະ, ຄວາມຈິງ Judaism (YHWH)? ແມ່ນ incompatible! ມີ, 666 excommunications, ຕໍ່ຕ້ານ, freemasonry? ພວກເຂົາເຈົ້າມີຄື: ຄະດີອາຍາທັງຫມົດ: ສົມຮູ້ຮ່ວມຄິດ, ການທະນາຄານ seigniorage ນີ້: ອົງການ IMF: enemy ຂອງປະຊາຊົນທັງຫມົດ. ນີ້ລະບົບການ Masonic: ທັງຫມົດຊາທິປະໄຕທີ່ບໍ່ຖືກຕ້ອງໄດ້. ໄດ້ລະເມີດ: ອະທິປະໄຕເງິນຍຸດທະສາດເພີ່ມເຕີມ? ບໍ່ແມ່ນງ່າຍສໍາລັບການເພື່ອນຮ່ວມງານຂອງລະເບີດຝັງດິນ, ໄພຂົ່ມຂູ່ໂດຍ Headmaster ຕົນ, ເພື່ອເຂົ້າໃຈ, ທີ່, ບໍ່ມີຫຼາຍຊາທິປະໄຕ, 1. ສິດເສລີພາບໃນການປາກເວົ້າ, 2. ສິດເສລີພາບໃນການ conscience, 3. ສິດເສລີພາບໃນການສິດສອນ, ເພາະວ່າ, ຫົວຂໍ້ດັ່ງກ່າວແມ່ນ taboo, ໃນໂຮງຮຽນ Masonic Italian! ທ່ານບໍ່ຄວນສັບສົນ, ບໍ່ເຄີຍ, ນີ້ສູງ: treason ຖະທໍາມະນູນ, ມີປະຊາຊົນໄດ້ Jewish! ໃຫຍ່ຄະດີອາຍາ, ມີພຽງແຕ່ 666 Pharisees: Talmud satanic: Neturei Karta, Pharisees ຂອງອົງການ IMF ໄດ້: ສໍາລັບການ, ການວາງແຜນການຂອງແຕ່ລະ: Shoah: ຕ້ານ, ປະຊາຊົນຂອງຕົນເອງ, ສ, ecc .. ເນື່ອງຈາກວ່າ, ເພື່ອເຮັດແນວໃດແມ່ກາຝາກທີ່: ຕໍ່: ປະຊາຊົນທັງຫມົດ? ແມ່ນມຸ່ງຫມັ້ນທີ່ຈະເຮັດອາຊະຍາກໍາໃດ?

ಅಸಾಮರಸ್ಯ, ನಡುವೆ, ಕ್ರಿಶ್ಚಿಯನ್ ಧರ್ಮ, ಮತ್ತು ಫ್ರೀಮ್ಯಾಸನ್ರಿ: Jahbulon: ಬೋಹೀಮಿಯನ್ ಗ್ರೋವ್, 666, ಐಎಂಎಫ್ 322) ನಲ್ಲಿ ಗೂಬೆ,: ದೇವರು ಮತ್ತು ಬಾಲ್, ನಿಜವಾದ ಜುದಾಯಿಸಂ (YHWH)? ಸಹವರ್ತನವಲ್ಲದವುಗಳಿಂದ! ಫ್ರೀಮ್ಯಾಸನ್ರಿ, ವಿರುದ್ಧ 666 ದೇವಾಲಯದಿಂದ ಬಹಿಷ್ಕಾರದ, ಜೊತೆ? ಅವರು: ಎಲ್ಲಾ ಕ್ರಿಮಿನಲ್: ಸಹಚರರು, ತೆರುವಳಿ ಬ್ಯಾಂಕಿಂಗ್: ದಿ IMF: ಎಲ್ಲಾ ಜನರ ಶತ್ರು. ಈ ಮೇಸನಿಕ್ ವ್ಯವಸ್ಥೆ: ಎಲ್ಲಾ ಸುಳ್ಳು ಪ್ರಜಾಪ್ರಭುತ್ವಗಳ. ಉಲ್ಲಂಘಿಸಿದ್ದರು ಹೆಚ್ಚು ಕಾರ್ಯತಂತ್ರದ ವಿತ್ತೀಯ ಸಾರ್ವಭೌಮತ್ವವನ್ನು! ಯಾವುದೇ ಪ್ರಜಾಪ್ರಭುತ್ವಗಳು, 1 ಇಲ್ಲ, ಆ, ಅರ್ಥಮಾಡಿಕೊಳ್ಳಲು, ತಮ್ಮ ಮುಖ್ಯಶಿಕ್ಷಕರಾದ ಬೆದರಿಕೆಗೆ ಗಣಿ ಸಹೋದ್ಯೋಗಿ, ಸುಲಭ ಅಲ್ಲ. ವಾಕ್ ಸ್ವಾತಂತ್ರ್ಯ, 2. ಧರ್ಮಪ್ರಜ್ಞೆಯ ಸ್ವಾತಂತ್ರ್ಯ, 3. ಬೋಧನೆಯ ಸ್ವಾತಂತ್ರ್ಯ, ಏಕೆಂದರೆ, ಈ ವಿಷಯಗಳು ಶಾಲೆಯ ಮೇಸನಿಕ್ ಇಟಾಲಿಯನ್, ನಿಷೇಧ ಇರುತ್ತದೆ! ನೀವು ಗೊಂದಲ ಮಾಡಿಕೊಳ್ಳಬಾರದು, ಇಲ್ಲ, ಈ ಉನ್ನತ: ಸಾಂವಿಧಾನಿಕ ದೇಶದ್ರೋಹ, ಜೊತೆಗೆ, ಯಹೂದಿ ಜನರು! ದೊಡ್ಡ ಅಪರಾಧ, ಕೇವಲ 666 ಪರಿಸಾಯರು ಇವೆ: ಟಾಲ್ಮಡ್ ಪೈಶಾಚಿಕ: Neturei ಕರ್ತಾ, IMF ನ ಪರಿಸಾಯರು: ಕಾಲ, ಪ್ರತಿ ಯೋಜನೆ: ಷೋವಾ: ತಮ್ಮ ಜನರು, ವಿರುದ್ಧ, ಇಸ್ರೇಲ್, ಇಸಿಸಿ .. ಏಕೆಂದರೆ, ಪರಾವಲಂಬಿಗಳು ಮಾಡಲು: ವಿರುದ್ಧ: ಎಲ್ಲಾ ಪೀಪಲ್ಸ್? ಯಾವುದೇ ಅಪರಾಧ ಮಾಡಲು ಸಿದ್ಧರಿದ್ದಾರೆ!
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incompatibilità, tra, il cristianesimo, e la Massoneria: Jahbulon: dio Baal: gufo, a Bohemian Grove, 666, FMI 322): e, vero ebraismo (YHWH)? sono incompatibili! con, 666, scomuniche contro, la massoneria? essi sono: tutti criminali: complici, del signoraggio bancario: FMI: nemico di tutti i popoli. Questo sistema massonico: di tutte le false democrazie. hanno violato: più strategico sovranità monetaria! non è facile per un mio collega, minacciato dal suo Preside,

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per capire, che, non c'è più democrazie, 1. libertà di parola, 2. libertà di coscienza, 3. libertà di insegnamento, in quanto, questi argomenti sono tabù, nel massonica scuola italiana! Tu non confondere mai, questo alto: tradimento costituzionale, con, gli ebrei! Big penale, che, sono solo 666 farisei: del Talmud satanico: Neturei Karta, farisei del FMI: per, la pianificazione di ogni: Shoah: contro, il proprio popolo, Israele, ecc .. perché, per fare i parassiti: contro: tutti i popoli? sono disposti a fare qualsiasi crimine!

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incompatibilité entre le christianisme et la franc-maçonnerie: Jahbulon: dieu Baal: hibou, à Bohemian Grove, 666, FMI, 322): et, c'est vrai judaïsme (YHWH)? sont incompatibles! avec, 666 excommunications, contre, la franc-maçonnerie? ils sont les suivants: tous les criminels: des complices, de la banque de seigneuriage: FMI: l'ennemi de tous les peuples. Ce système maçonnique: de toutes les fausses démocraties. ont violé: plus stratégique souveraineté monétaire!

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n'est pas facile pour un de mes collègues, menacé par son proviseur, de comprendre que, il n'ya pas de démocraties plus, 1. la liberté d'expression, 2. la liberté de conscience, 3. la liberté de l'enseignement, parce que, ces sujets sont tabous, à l'italienne école maçonnique! Vous ne pas confondre, jamais, cette grande: la trahison constitutionnelle, avec, peuple juif! Big criminelle, ne sont que 666 Pharisiens: Talmud satanique: Neturei Karta, pharisiens du FMI: pour, la planification de chaque: Shoah: contre leur propre peuple, Israël, ecc .. parce que, pour faire les parasites: contre: tous les peuples? sont prêts à faire n'importe quel crime!

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[incompatibility, between, Christianity, and Freemasonry] Freemasonry (Jahbulon: god owl, at Bohemian Grove, 666, IMF 322): and, true Judaism (YHWH)? are incompatible! with, 666 excommunications, against, freemasonry? they are: all criminal: accomplices, of the banking seigniorage: IMF: enemy of all Peoples. This system Masonic: of all the false democracies. have violated: more strategic monetary sovereignty! is not easy for a colleague of mine, Threatened by his Headmaster, to understand, That, there is no more Democracies, 1. freedom of speech, 2. freedom of conscience, 3. freedom of teaching, because, These topics are taboo, in the school Masonic Italian! You Not to be confused, never, this high: treason constitutional, with, Jewish people! Big criminal, are only 666 Pharisees: satanic Talmud: Neturei Karta, Pharisees of the IMF: for, planning of each: Shoah: against, Their own people, Israel, etc. .. Because, to do the parasites of all peoples? are willing to do any crime!

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12/01/2012 PHILIPPINES - VATICAN Cebu, half a million faithful in the celebrations dedicated to St. Pedro Calungsod He is the second saint in the history of the Philippines. The day of "national thanksgiving" was attended by President Aquino, the Archbishop of Manila, the bishops of the diocese and Cardinal Amato, Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. A waterborne procession retraced the journey of the martyr killed for the faith in the late 1600s. 12/01/2012 CHINA Sentenced to 3 and a half years, the nephew of Chen Guangcheng Chen Kegui, 33, had resisted the plainclothes agents who without authorization were ravaging his home after his uncle, a prominent dissident and activist against abortion forced and AIDS, had fled. Experts call

ósamrýmanleiki, milli kristni og Frímúrarareglan: Jahbulon: guð Baal: ugla á Bohemian Grove, 666, IMF 322), og, satt Gyðingdómur (YHWH)? eru ósamrýmanleg! með, 666 excommunications, gegn, Frímúrarareglan? þeir eru: allir glæpamaður: accomplices, á svokölluðum myntsláttuhagnaði banka: IMF: óvinur allra þjóða. Þetta Masonic kerfi: allra fölsku lýðræðisríkjum. hafa brotið gegn: meira stefnumótandi peninga fullveldi! er ekki auðvelt fyrir kollega minn, ógn af skólastjóra sínum, til að skilja, að það er ekkert meira lýðræðisríki, 1. málfrelsi, 2. frelsi samvisku, 3. frelsi kennslu, vegna þess, eru þessi mál bannorð í skólanum Masonic ítalska! Þú Ekki til að rugla saman, aldrei, þetta hár: Samsæri stjórnarskrá, með, Gyðingar! Big glæpamaður, eru aðeins 666 farísear: Talmud djöfladýrkunar: Neturei Karta, farísear Alþjóðagjaldeyrissjóðsins: fyrir, áætlanagerð hvers: Shoah: gegn, eigin þjóð þeirra, Ísrael, ECC .. vegna þess, að gera sníkjudýr: gegn: allra þjóða? eru tilbúnir til að gera hvaða glæp!

neamhchomhoiriúnachta, idir, an Chríostaíocht, agus Freemasonry: Jahbulon: Dia Baal: owl, ag Bohemian Grove, 666, IMF 322): agus, fíor Giúdachas (YHWH)? nach luíonn! le, 666 excommunications, i gcoinne, Freemasonry? tá siad: gach coiriúil: gcomhchoirithe, an baincéireachta seigniorage: CAI: namhaid de gach Peoples. An córas Masonic: uile an daonlathais bréagach. bhfuil violated: flaitheas níos straitéisí airgeadaíochta! nach bhfuil éasca do chomhghleacaí de mo chuid, faoi bhagairt ag a Ardmháistir, a thuiscint, go, nach bhfuil aon daonlathais níos mó, 1. saoirse cainte, 2. saoirse choinsiasa, 3. saoirse teagaisc, mar gheall ar, tá na hábhair taboo, i Masonic scoil na hIodáile! Riamh Tá tú Gan a bheith ar dhaoine eatarthu, seo, ard: tréas bhunreachtúil, le, daoine Giúdach! Big coiriúil iad, ach amháin 666 Fairisínigh: Talmud satanic: Neturei Karta, Fairisínigh an IMF: do, a phleanáil gach ceann acu: Shoah: in aghaidh, a n-daoine féin, Iosrael, ECC .. mar gheall ar, a dhéanamh ar an parasites: i gcoinne: gach Peoples? atá toilteanach a dhéanamh aon choir!

ketidakcocokan, antara, Kristen, dan Freemasonry: Jahbulon: god Baal: burung hantu, di Bohemian Grove,, 666 IMF 322): dan, benar Yudaisme (YHWH)? tidak kompatibel! dengan, 666 pengucilan, melawan, freemasonry? mereka adalah: semua kriminal: kaki, dari perbankan seigniorage: IMF: musuh dari semua Rakyat. Sistem Masonik: dari semua demokrasi palsu. telah melanggar: kedaulatan moneter lebih strategis! tidak mudah bagi seorang rekan saya, terancam oleh Kepala Sekolah itu, untuk memahami, bahwa, tidak ada demokrasi lebih, 1. kebebasan berbicara, 2. kebebasan hati nurani, 3. kebebasan mengajar, karena, topik-topik yang tabu, di sekolah Masonik Italia! Anda Tidak perlu bingung, tidak pernah, ini tinggi: pengkhianatan konstitusional, dengan, orang-orang Yahudi! Big pidana, hanya 666 orang Farisi: Talmud setan: Neturei Karta, orang Farisi dari IMF, karena, perencanaan dari masing-masing: Shoah: melawan, orang mereka sendiri, Israel, ecc .. karena, untuk melakukan parasit: melawan: semua Peoples? bersedia melakukan kejahatan!

असंगति, बीच, ईसाई धर्म और Freemasonry: Jahbulon: भगवान बाल: उल्लू, बोहेनिया ग्रोव, 666, 322 आईएमएफ) में: और, सच यहूदी धर्म (YHWH)? असंगत हैं! साथ, के खिलाफ, Freemasonry को 666 excommunications,? वे हैं: सभी आपराधिक साथियों: प्रभुत्व बैंकिंग: आईएमएफ: सभी लोगों का दुश्मन है. यह मेसोनिक प्रणाली: सभी झूठे लोकतंत्र के. अधिक सामरिक मौद्रिक संप्रभुता का उल्लंघन! मेरा एक सहयोगी, उसके प्रधानाध्यापक द्वारा धमकी दी के लिए आसान नहीं है, समझने के लिए, कि, वहाँ कोई और अधिक लोकतंत्रों, 1 है. अभिव्यक्ति की स्वतंत्रता, 2. अंतरात्मा की स्वतंत्रता, 3. शिक्षण की स्वतंत्रता है, क्योंकि, इन विषयों वर्जित स्कूल मेसोनिक इतालवी में कर रहे हैं! आप भ्रमित करने के लिए नहीं हो सकता है, यह उच्च, कभी नहीं: संवैधानिक देशद्रोह के साथ, यहूदी लोग! बिग आपराधिक, केवल 666 फरीसियों हैं: तल्मूड शैतानी: Neturei कर्ता, अंतर्राष्ट्रीय मुद्रा कोष की फरीसियों: के लिए, प्रत्येक की योजना बना: Shoah: के खिलाफ, अपने ही लोगों, इसराइल, ecc .. क्योंकि, परजीवी करने के लिए: के खिलाफ: सभी पीपुल्स? किसी भी अपराध करने के लिए तैयार हैं!

અસંગતતા વચ્ચે, ખ્રિસ્તી અને ફ્રીમેસનરી: Jahbulon: દેવ બાલ: ઘુવડ, બોહેમિયન ગ્રોવ, 666, 322 આઇએમએફ) પર, અને સાચું યહુદી (YHWH)? અસંગત છે! સાથે, સામે, ફ્રીમેસનરી 666 excommunications? તેઓ આ પ્રમાણે છે: તમામ ફોજદારી: accomplices આ seigniorage બેન્કિંગ ઓફ: આઇએમએફ: બધા લોકોનો શત્રુ. આ મેસોનીક સિસ્ટમ: તમામ ખોટા લોકશાહી છે. વધુ વ્યૂહાત્મક નાણાકીય સાર્વભૌમત્વ: ઉલ્લંઘન કર્યું! ખાણ એક સહ - કાર્યકર, તેના હેડમાસ્ટર દ્વારા ધમકી માટે સરળ નથી, તે સમજવા માટે, કે જે, ત્યાં વધુ લોકશાહી, 1 છે. વાણી સ્વાતંત્ર્ય, 2. અંતરાત્મા સ્વાતંત્ર્ય, 3. શિક્ષણ સ્વતંત્રતા, કારણ કે, આ વિષયો નિષિદ્ધ શાળા મેસોનીક ઇટાલિયન માં છે! તમે મૂંઝવણમાં નથી કરી, આ હાઇ ક્યારેય: બંધારણીય રાજદ્રોહ, સાથે, યહુદી લોકો! મોટા ફોજદારી, 666 માત્ર Pharisees છે: તાલમદ રાક્ષસી: Neturei કર્તા, IMF ના Pharisees: માટે, દરેક આયોજન: Shoah: સામે, તેમના પોતાના લોકો, ઇઝરાયેલ ઇસીસી, .. કારણ કે, આ પરોપજીવી કરવું: સામે: બધા લોકો? કોઈપણ ગુનો કરવા તૈયાર છે!

ασυμβατότητα μεταξύ, ο Χριστιανισμός, και ο Ελευθεροτεκτονισμός: Jahbulon: θεός Βάαλ: κουκουβάγια, στο Bohemian Grove, 666, ΔΝΤ 322): και, αλήθεια Ιουδαϊσμός (Γιαχβέ); είναι ασυμβίβαστες! με, 666 αφορισμούς, εναντίον, ο Ελευθεροτεκτονισμός; είναι: όλα ποινικής: συνένοχοι, της κυριαρχικό δικαίωμα τραπεζικό: ΔΝΤ: εχθρός όλων των λαών. Αυτό το μασονικό σύστημα: από όλες τις ψευδείς δημοκρατίες. έχουν παραβιάσει: πιο στρατηγική νομισματικής κυριαρχίας! Δεν είναι εύκολο για έναν συνάδελφο μου, που απειλούνται από διευθυντή του, να κατανοήσει, ότι, δεν υπάρχει πιο δημοκρατίες, 1. την ελευθερία του λόγου, 2. ελευθερία της συνείδησης, 3. ελευθερία της διδασκαλίας, επειδή, αυτά τα θέματα είναι ταμπού, στο σχολείο μασονική ιταλικά! Μπορείτε Δεν πρέπει να συγχέεται ποτέ, αυτό το υψηλό: προδοσία συνταγματική, με, εβραϊκό λαό! Μεγάλη εγκληματική, είναι μόνο 666 Φαρισαίοι: Ταλμούδ σατανικό: Neturei Karta, Φαρισαίοι του ΔΝΤ: για, τον προγραμματισμό της κάθε: Shoah: κατά, τους δικούς τους ανθρώπους, το Ισραήλ, ecc .. επειδή, για να κάνουν τα παράσιτα: κατά: όλοι οι λαοί; είναι πρόθυμοι να κάνουν οποιοδήποτε έγκλημα!

不和合性の間、キリスト教、そしてフリーメーソン:Jahbulon:ボヘミアングローブ、666、IMFは322)で、フクロウ、:神バアルと、真のユダヤ教(YHWH)?互換性がありません!フリーメーソン、反対666 excommunications、、と?それらは:すべての刑事:共犯、シニョレッジバンキングの:国際通貨基金(IMF):すべての人民の敵。このフリーメーソンのシステム:すべての偽民主主義。違反している:より戦略的な金銭的な主権を!もはや民主主義、1が存在しないこと、理解することが、彼の校長によって脅かさ私の同僚のために容易ではありません。言論の自由、2。良心の自由、3。教育の自由があるため、これらのトピックは、学校フリーメーソンのイタリア語で、タブーです!あなたは混同しないように、決して、この高:憲法上の反逆と、ユダヤ人の人々!ビッグ犯罪者は、わずか666パリサイ人です:タルムード悪魔:Neturei Kartaは、国際通貨基金(IMF)のパリサイ人:のために、それぞれの計画:ショアー:自国民に対する、イスラエル、ECC..なぜなら、寄生虫を行うには:スパイウェア:すべての人々ですか?どんな犯罪をしても構わないと思っています!

შეუთავსებლობის, შორის, ქრისტიანობა, და Freemasonry: Jahbulon: ღმერთი ბაალ: owl, საღამოს Bohemian Grove, 666, სსფ 322): და, ჭეშმარიტი იუდაიზმი (YHWH)? შეუთავსებელია! ერთად, 666 excommunications, წინააღმდეგ, freemasonry? ესენი არიან: ყველა კრიმინალური: თანამზრახველმა, საქართველოს seigniorage საბანკო: სსფ: მტრის ყველა ხალხის. ეს Masonic სისტემა: ყველა ყალბი დემოკრატიებს. დაარღვიეს: მეტი სტრატეგიული მონეტარული სუვერენიტეტი? ადვილი არ არის ამისთვის კოლეგა ნაღმი, დაემუქრა მისი დამრიგებელი, უნდა გვესმოდეს, რომ არ არსებობს უფრო მეტი დემოკრატია, 1. სიტყვის თავისუფლება, 2. სინდისის თავისუფლებას, 3. თავისუფლების სწავლება, რადგან, ამ თემებია ტაბუდადებული, სკოლაში Masonic იტალიურად! თქვენ არ იყოს დაბნეული, არასდროს, ამ მაღალი: ღალატი კონსტიტუციური, ერთად, ებრაელი ხალხის! დიდი კრიმინალური, მხოლოდ 666 ფარისეველთა: თალმუდი Satanic: Neturei Karta, ფარისეველი of სსფ: ამისთვის, დაგეგმვის ყოველი: Shoah: წინააღმდეგ, საკუთარი ხალხის, ისრაელის, ECC .. რადგან, გავაკეთოთ პარაზიტების: წინააღმდეგ: ყველა ხალხის? მზად ვართ გავაკეთოთ ნებისმიერი დანაშაული?

anghydnawsedd, rhwng, Cristnogaeth, a Seiri Rhyddion: Jahbulon: duw Baal: dylluan, ar Bohemian Grove, 666, IMF 322): ac, yn wir Iddewiaeth (YHWH)? yn anghydnaws! gyda, 666 excommunications, yn erbyn, Seiri Rhyddion? eu bod yn: yr holl troseddol: accomplices, y bancio seigniorage: IMF: gelyn yr holl Bobl. Mae'r system hon yn Masonic: yn holl wledydd democrataidd ffug. sathru wedi: mwy strategol sofraniaeth ariannol! Nid yw'n hawdd i gydweithiwr i mi, dan fygythiad gan ei Prifathro, er mwyn deall, hynny, nid oes unrhyw democratiaethau yn fwy, 1. rhyddid i lefaru, 2. rhyddid cydwybod, 3. rhyddid yr addysgu, oherwydd, pynciau hyn yn taboo, yn y Masonic ysgol Eidal! Dydych chi byth Ni ddylid drysu,, mae hyn yn uchel: brad cyfansoddiadol, gyda phobl Iddewig! Big troseddol, dim ond 666 Phariseaid: Talmud satanic: Neturei Karta, Phariseaid yn y IMF: ar gyfer, cynllunio o bob un: Shoah: yn erbyn, eu pobl eu hunain, Israel, ECC .. oherwydd, i wneud y parasitiaid: yn erbyn: pob Pobl? yn barod i wneud unrhyw drosedd!

incompatibilidade entre o cristianismo e Maçonaria: Jahbulon: deus Baal: Curuxa, no Bohemian Grove, 666, 322 FMI): e certo xudaísmo (YHWH)? son incompatibles! con, 666 excomunhões, contra a masonería? son eles: todos criminal: cómplices, da banca de senhoriagem: FMI: inimigo de todos os pobos. Este sistema maçônico: todas as democracias falsas. violar: máis estratéxica soberanía monetaria! non é fácil para un compañeiro meu, ameazado polo seu Director, de entender que non hai democracias máis, 1. liberdade de expresión, 2. liberdade de conciencia, 3. liberdade de ensino, pois, estes temas son tabú, no Masonic escola italiana! Non debe ser confundido, nunca, esta elevación: traizón constitucional, con, o pobo xudeu! Big criminal, son só 666 fariseos: Talmud satánico: Neturei Karta, fariseos do FMI: a, a planificación de cada un: Shoah: contra o seu propio pobo, Israel, ECC .. porque, para facer os parasitos: contra: todos os pobos? están dispostos a facer calquera crime!

incompatibilité entre le christianisme et la franc-maçonnerie: Jahbulon: dieu Baal: hibou, à Bohemian Grove, 666, FMI, 322): et, c'est vrai judaïsme (YHWH)? sont incompatibles! avec, 666 excommunications, contre, la franc-maçonnerie? ils sont les suivants: tous les criminels: des complices, de la banque de seigneuriage: FMI: l'ennemi de tous les peuples. Ce système maçonnique: de toutes les fausses démocraties. ont violé: plus stratégique souveraineté monétaire! n'est pas facile pour un de mes collègues, menacé par son proviseur, de comprendre que, il n'ya pas de démocraties plus, 1. la liberté d'expression, 2. la liberté de conscience, 3. la liberté de l'enseignement, parce que, ces sujets sont tabous, à l'italienne école maçonnique! Vous ne pas confondre, jamais, cette grande: la trahison constitutionnelle, avec, peuple juif! Big criminelle, ne sont que 666 Pharisiens: Talmud satanique: Neturei Karta, pharisiens du FMI: pour, la planification de chaque: Shoah: contre leur propre peuple, Israël, ecc .. parce que, pour faire les parasites: contre: tous les peuples? sont prêts à faire n'importe quel crime!

yhteensopimattomuus, välillä, kristinuskon ja vapaamuurarius: Jahbulon: god Baal: pöllö, klo Bohemian Grove, 666, IMF 322): ja, totta juutalaisuus (YHWH)? eivät sovellu! kanssa, 666 excommunications, vastaan​​, vapaamuurarit? ne ovat: kaikkien rikosasioiden: osasyyllisiä, ja rahanlyöntimaksuja pankkitoiminnan: IMF: vihollinen kaikkien kansojen. Tätä vapaamuurareiden järjestelmä: kaikki vääriä demokratioita. ovat rikkoneet: strategisempaa rahapolitiikan itsemääräämisoikeuden! ei ole helppoa kollegani, uhkaa hänen rehtori ymmärtää, että ei ole enemmän demokratioita, 1. sananvapaus, 2. omantunnon, 3. opetuksen vapautta, koska nämä aiheet ovat tabu, koulun vapaamuurarien Italian! Sinun ei pidä sekoittaa, ei koskaan, tämä korkea: maanpetoksesta perustuslain kanssa, juutalaiset! Big rikollinen, ovat vain 666 fariseukset: Talmud Satanic: Neturei Karta, fariseukset ja IMF: for, suunnittelu kunkin: Shoah: vastaan​​, omaa kansaansa, Israel, ecc .. sillä, tehdä loisten: vastaan​​: kaikki Peoples? ovat valmiita tekemään mitä tahansa rikos!

kalabanan, sa pagitan, Kristiyanismo, at Freemasonry: Jahbulon: diyos Baal: buho, sa Bohemian Grove, 666, IMF 322): at, totoo Hudaismo (YHWH)? ay hindi tugma! , 666 excommunications, laban, freemasonry? ang mga ito: ang lahat ng kriminal: accomplices, ng ang mga karapatan ng senyor banking: IMF: kaaway ng lahat ng Tao. Ito ng mga mason system: ng lahat ng mga maling democracies. lumabag: mas strategic pera soberanya! ay hindi madali para sa isang kasamahan ng minahan, threatened sa pamamagitan ng kanyang punong-guro, upang maunawaan, na, walang higit pa democracies, 1. kalayaan ng pananalita, 2. kalayaan ng budhi, 3. kalayaan ng pagtuturo, dahil, ang mga paksa na ito ay bawal, sa paaralan ng mga mason Italyano! Hindi mo nalilito, hindi kailanman, ito mataas: pagtataksil konstitusyunal, na may, Jewish mga tao! Big kriminal, 666 Pariseo lamang: Talmud parang demonyo: Neturei Karta, Pariseo ng IMF:, pagpaplano ng bawat: Shoah: laban, ang kanilang sariling mga tao, Israel, ecc ... dahil, upang gawin ang parasites: laban: lahat ng mga Tao? nais na gumawa ng anumang krimen!

sobimatuse vahel, kristlus ja Vabamüürlus: Jahbulon: jumal Baali: öökull, kell Bohemian Grove, 666, IMF 322): ja, tõsi judaism (YHWH)? ei sobi! koos, 666 excommunications, vastu, vabamüürlus? nad on: kõik kuritegeliku: kaasosalised, et emissioonitulu pangandus: IMF: vaenlane kõik rahvad. See vabamüürlaste süsteem: kõik vale demokraatiates. on rikkunud: strateegilisemat rahaline suveräänsust! ei ole lihtne minu kolleeg, ohustab tema koolijuht, et mõista, et ei ole enam demokraatia, 1. sõnavabadus, 2. südametunnistuse vabadus, 3. õpetamis, sest need teemad on tabu, koolis vabamüürlaste Itaalia! Sa Ei tohi segi, kunagi, see kõrge: riigireetmise põhiseadusliku koos, juudid! Big kurjategija, on vaid 666 variserid: Talmud saatanliku: Neturei Karta, variserid IMF: jaoks, planeerimine iga: Shoah: vastu, oma rahva, Iisraeli, ecc .. sest, mida teha parasiitide: vastu: kõik rahvad? on valmis tegema ükskõik kuritegu!

nekongruo, inter, Kristanismo, kaj framasonismo: Jahbulon: dio Baal: strigo, en Bohemio Soto, 666, FMI 322): kaj, veraj Judismo (YHWH)? estas nekongruaj! kun, 666 excomuniones, kontraŭ, framasonismo? ili estas: ĉiuj krimaj: komplicoj, el la seigniorage banka: FMI: malamiko de cxiuj popoloj. Ĉi masónico sistemo: de ĉiuj falsaj demokratioj. seksperfortis: pli strategia mona suvereneco! Ne estas facile por kolego mia, minacita de sia direktoro, kompreni, ke ne ekzistas pli demokratioj, 1. liberecon de parolo, 2. libereco de konscienco, 3. libereco de instruado, ĉar, ĉi tiuj temoj estas tabuo, en la lernejo masónico italo! Vi ne devas konfuzi, neniam, tiu alta: perfido konstitucia, kun, juda popolo! Big krimulo, estas nur 666 Fariseoj: Talmudo satánico: Neturei Karta, Fariseoj el la IMF: por, planante de ĉiu: Shoah: kontraŭ, siaj propraj homoj, Israelo, ECC .. ĉar, por servi la parazitoj: kontraŭ: ĉiuj Popoloj? pretas fari ajnan krimon!

אי התאמה, בין, הנצרות ובונים חופשיים: Jahbulon: אל בעל: ינשוף, בבוהמי גרוב, 666, 322 IMF): ו, אמיתי יהדות (ה ')? אינם עולים בקנה! עם, 666, נגד חרמות, בונים חופשיים? הם: כל פושע: שותפים, של בנקאות seigniorage: קרן המטבע: האויב של כל העמים. מערכת זו של בונים חופשיה: כל הדמוקרטיות המזויפות. הפר: ריבונות מוניטרית אסטרטגית יותר! לא קל לעמית שלי, מאוימים על ידי מנהל בית הספר שלו, כדי להבין, ש, אין יותר דמוקרטיות, 1. חופש הדיבור, 2. חופש המצפון, 3. חופש ההוראה, כי נושאים אלה הם טאבו, בבית ספר בונים החופשיים האיטלקי! אתה לא להתבלבל, לא, זה גבוה: בגידה החוקתית, עם, עם יהודי! ביג פלילי, רק 666 פרושים: תלמוד שטני: נטורי קרתא, הפרושים של קרן המטבע הבינלאומי: ל, תכנון של כל אחד: שואה: נגד, בני עמם, ישראל, ECC .. משום, לעשות את הטפילים: נגד: כל העמים? הם מוכנים לעשות כל פשע!

uforenelighed, mellem, kristendommen og frimureriet: Jahbulon: gud Baal: ugle, på Bohemian Grove, 666, IMF 322): og, sand jødedom (YHWH)? er uforenelige! med, 666 excommunications, mod, frimureri? de er: alle kriminelle: medskyldige, den møntningsgevinst bank: IMF: fjende af alle folkeslag. Denne Masonic system: fra alle de falske demokratier. have krænket: mere strategisk monetære suverænitet! er ikke let for en af ​​mine kolleger, truet af sin rektor, at forstå, at der ikke er mere demokratier, 1. ytringsfrihed, 2. samvittighedsfrihed, 3. frihed af undervisningen, fordi disse emner er tabu, i skolens Masonic italiensk! Du Ikke at forveksle, aldrig, denne high: forræderi forfatningsmæssige, med, jødiske folk! Big kriminelle, er kun 666 farisæere: Talmud sataniske: Neturei Karta, farisæerne af IMF: for, planlægning af hver: Shoah: imod deres egne folk, Israel, ecc .. fordi at gøre de parasitter: imod: alle Peoples? er villige til at gøre nogen forbrydelse!

neusklađenost između, kršćanstvo i masonerija: Jahbulon: bog Baal: sova, na Bohemian Grove, 666, 322) MMF: i, istina judaizam (YHWH)? nespojivo! s, 666 excommunications, protiv, masonerijom? su: svi kazneni: suučesnici, od danak feudnom gospodaru bankarstvo: MMF: neprijatelj svih naroda. Ovaj masonski sustav: od svih lažnih demokracija. su povrijeđena: više strateški monetarni suverenitet! nije lako za moj kolega, prijeti njegovom ravnatelj, da shvate, da nema više demokracije, jedan. sloboda govora, dva. sloboda savjesti, 3. sloboda nastave, jer su ove teme su tabu, u školskoj masonske talijanskom! Vi Ne smije se miješati, nikada, to visoka: izdaja ustavna, s, židovski narod! Big kriminalac, samo 666 farizeji: Talmud sotonski: Neturei Karta, farizeji od MMF-a: za, planiranje jedni: holokaust: protiv vlastitog naroda, Izrael, ecc .. jer, učiniti parazite: protiv: sve narode? su spremni učiniti bilo kakav zločin!

enkonpatibl, ant, Kretyènte, ak masonry: Jahbulon: bondye Baal: koukou, nan boemyèn Grove, 666, Fon Monetè Entènasyonal 322): ak, vre Jidayis (YHWH)? yo se enkonpatib! ak, 666 èkskomunikasyon, kont, masonry? yo yo se: tout kriminèl: konplis, nan bank la seyeryaj: Fon Monetè Entènasyonal: lènmi tout pèp yo. Sistèm sa a Masonic: nan tout demokrasi yo fo. te vyole: souverènte plis estratejik monetè! se pa fasil pou yon kolèg m 'yo, menase pa Direktè l' yo, yo konprann, ki, pa gen okenn demokrasi plis, 1. libète lapawòl, 2. libète konsyans, 3. libète nan ansèyman an, paske, sijè sa yo yo se tabou, nan lekòl Masonic Italyen an! Ou pa dwe bay konfizyon, pa janm, sa a segondè: trayizon konstitisyonèl, avèk, moun jwif! Big kriminèl, yo, se sèlman 666 farizyen: Talmud demonyak: Neturei karta, farizyen nan Fon Monetè Entènasyonal la: pou, planifye nan chak: Shoah: kont, moun pwòp yo, pèp Izrayèl la, ek .. paske, yo fè parazit yo: kont: tout pèp yo? nou ta vle fè nenpòt ki krim!

호환성 문제 사이, 기독교, 그리고 Freemasonry : Jahbulon : 보헤미안 그 로브, 666, IMF 322)에 올빼미 : 신 바알과 사실 유대교 (YHWH)? 호환되지 않습니다! freemasonry, 반대 666 excommunications,와? 다들 : 모든 범죄 공범, 군주의 특권 은행 : IMF : 모든 인류의 적. 이 프리메이슨 시스템 : 모든 거짓 민주주의의. 위반 자세한 전략적 금융 주권을! 더 이상 민주주의, 1은 없습니다, ​​그거, 이해, 그의 교장에 의해 위협을 제 동료에 대한 쉬운 일이 아닙니다. 언론의 자유, 2. 양심의 자유, 3. 교육의 자유가 있기 때문에,이 주제는 학교 프리메이슨 이탈리아어로, 금기입니다! 당신은 혼동이 아니라, 절대이 높은 : 헌법 반역과, 유대인들! 큰 범죄 만 666 바리새 파 위치 : 탈무드 악마 : Neturei Karta은 IMF의 바리새 파 :에, 각 계획 : Shoah : 자신의 사람에 대한, 이스라엘, ECC ... 때문에, 기생충을 방법 : 대한 : 모든 사람들을? 어떤 범죄 활동을 할 생각이!

之間的不兼容,基督教,和濟:Jahbulon:神巴力:貓頭鷹,波西米亞樹林公園,666,322 IMF),真正的猶太教(YHWH)?是不兼容! 666 excommunications,對共濟會?它們分別是:所有犯罪的幫兇,鑄幣稅銀行:IMF:各國人民的敵人。這個共濟會的系統:所有的虛假民主國家。違反了更具戰略性的貨幣主權!我的一個同事,他的校長的威脅,是不容易理解的是,有沒有更多的民主國家,1。言論自由,2。良心自由,3。自由的教學,因為,這些話題是禁忌,在學校的共濟會的意大利!你不要混淆,從來沒有,這個高:叛逆的憲法,與猶太人民的!大的刑事,只有666法利賽人:塔木德撒旦的“:Neturei KARTA,法利賽人的IMF,每個大屠殺的規劃:對自己的人民,以色列,ECC...因為,做寄生蟲:對所有人民嗎?願意做任何罪行!

之间的不兼容,基督教,和济:Jahbulon:神巴力:猫头鹰,波西米亚树林公园,666,322 IMF),真正的犹太教(YHWH)?是不兼容! 666 excommunications,对共济会?它们分别是:所有犯罪的帮凶,铸币税银行:IMF:各国人民的敌人。这个共济会的系统:所有的虚假民主国家。违反了更具战略性的货币主权!我的一个同事,他的校长的威胁,是不容易理解的是,有没有更多的民主国家,1。言论自由,2。良心自由,3。自由的教学,因为,这些话题是禁忌,在学校的共济会的意大利!你不要混淆,从来没有,这个高:叛逆的宪法,与犹太人民的!大的刑事,只有666法利赛人:塔木德撒旦的“:Neturei KARTA,法利赛人的IMF,每个大屠杀的规划:对自己的人民,以色列,ECC...因为,做寄生虫:对所有人民吗?愿意做任何罪行!

neslučitelnosti, mezi, křesťanství, a Freemasonry: Jahbulon: bůh Baal: sova, v Bohemian Grove, 666, 322) MMF: a, pravda, Judaismus (YHWH)? jsou neslučitelné! s, 666 exkomunikací, proti, zednářství? jsou: všechna trestná: spolupachatelé, z ražebného bankovnictví: MMF: nepřítel všech národů. Tato Zednářská systém: ze všech falešných demokracií. Porušili: více strategický měnovou suverenitu! není snadné pro můj kolega, ohrožena jeho ředitele, pochopit, že nejsou k dispozici žádné další demokracie, 1. svoboda projevu, 2. svoboda svědomí, 3. svoboda výuky, protože tato témata jsou tabu, ve školním zednářské italštině! Ty Nenechte se zmást, nikdy, toto vysoké: zrada ústavní, s, Židé! Big trestní, jen 666 farizeové: Talmud satanistické: Neturei Karta, farizeové z MMF: za plánování každého: Šoa: proti, vlastním lidem, Izrael, ecc .. protože dělat parazity: proti: Všechny národy? jsou ochotni udělat jakýkoli zločin!

incompatibilitat entre el cristianisme i la maçoneria: Jahbulon: déu Baal: mussol, a Bohemian Grove, 666, FMI 322), i, veritable judaisme (YHWH)? són incompatibles! amb, 666 excomunions, contra, la maçoneria? que són: tots penal: còmplices de la banca senyoratge: FMI: enemic de tots els Pobles. Aquest sistema maçònic: de totes les falses democràcies. han violat: la sobirania monetària més estratègic! No és fàcil per a un col · lega meu, amenaçat pel seu director, d'entendre, que, no hi ha més democràcies, 1. llibertat d'expressió, 2. la llibertat de consciència, 3. la llibertat d'ensenyament, ja que, aquests temes són tabú a l'escola maçònica italiana! No s'ha de confondre mai, aquest alt: la traïció constitucional, amb, el poble jueu! Gran criminal, són només 666 fariseus: Talmud satànic: Neturei Karta, els fariseus de l'FMI: per, la planificació de cada un: Shoah: contra el seu propi poble, Israel, ecc .. perquè, per fer els paràsits: en contra: tots els Pobles? estan disposats a fer qualsevol crim!

несъвместимост между християнството и масонството: Jahbulon: бог Ваал: бухал, в Bohemian Grove, 666, МВФ 322) и, вярно юдаизма (YHWH)? са несъвместими! с 666 отлъчвания срещу масонството? те са: всички наказателни: съучастници, на сеньораж банкиране: МВФ: враг на всички народи. Това масонска система: на всички фалшиви демокрации. са нарушили по-стратегически паричния суверенитет! не е лесно за един мой колега, застрашени от неговия директора, за да се разбере, че няма по-демокрации, 1. свободата на словото, 2. свобода на съвестта, 3. свобода на преподаването, защото тези теми са табу, в училище масонски италиански! Вие не трябва да се бърка никога, това високо: държавна измяна конституционни, с еврейския народ! Big престъпник, само 666 фарисеите: Талмуда сатанински: Neturei Karta, фарисеите на МВФ: за планиране на всеки: Shoah: срещу собствения си народ, Израел, ECC .. защото, за да се направи паразити: срещу: всички народи? са готови да направят каквото и да е престъпление!

несумяшчальнасці паміж, хрысціянства і масонства: Jahbulon: бог Ваал: сава, у Bohemian Grove, 666, МВФ 322), і, праўда юдаізму (Гасподзь)? несумяшчальныя! з, 666 адлучэння, супраць, масонства? то яны такія: усе крымінальныя: саўдзельнікаў, з сеньяраж асобам: МВФ: вораг усіх народаў. Гэтая масонская сістэма: усе ілжывыя дэмакратыі. парушылі: больш стратэгічнага валютнага суверэнітэту! Не проста для майго калегі, пагражаў яго дырэктару, каб зразумець, што больш няма дэмакратыі, 1. свабода слова, 2. свабода сумлення, 3. свабода выкладання, таму што гэтыя тэмы з'яўляюцца табу, у школе масонскія італьянскія! Вы не блытаць, ніколі, гэта высокая: здрада канстытуцыйнага, с, габрэйскі народ! Вялікі крымінальнай, толькі 666 фарысэяў: Талмуд сатанінскай: Нетурей Карта, фарысэі МВФ: для, планаванне кожнага з іх: Халакост: супраць уласнага народа, Ізраіля, ECC .. таму што, каб зрабіць паразітаў: ад: усіх народаў? гатовыя зрабіць любое злачынства!

অসঙ্গতি, মধ্যে, খ্রিস্টান, এবং Freemasonry: Jahbulon: ভগবান প্রতিমা: পেঁচা, ছন্নছাড়া গ্রোভ, 666, IMF-322) এ: এবং, সত্য ইহুদীধর্ম (YHWH)? হয় বেমানান! সঙ্গে, 666, বিরুদ্ধে freemasonry excommunications,? তারা হল: সমস্ত অপরাধমূলক: IMF: সমস্ত পিপলস মধ্যে শত্রু seigniorage ব্যাঙ্কিং accomplices,. এই স্থাপত্য - সংক্রান্ত ব্যবস্থা: সব মিথ্যা গণতন্ত্রে. লঙ্ঘন করেছে: আরো আর্থিক কৌশলগত সার্বভৌমত্ব! হয় খনি একজন সহকর্মী, তার প্রধানশিক্ষক দ্বারা জন্য হুমকি, যাও, বোঝেন যে, কোন গণতন্ত্রে, 1 হয় সহজ না. বাক স্বাধীনতা, 2. বিবেকের স্বাধীনতা, 3. শিক্ষণের স্বাধীনতা কারণ,, এইসব বিষয় স্কুল স্থাপত্য - সংক্রান্ত ইটালিয়ান মধ্যে নিষিদ্ধ,! আপনি বিভ্রান্ত করা নেই, এই উচ্চ, কখনও: বিশ্বাসঘাতকতা সাংবিধানিক, সঙ্গে, ইহুদি মানুষ! বিগ অপরাধী, শুধুমাত্র 666 Pharisees: ইহুদীদের ধর্মীয় আইনের গ্র্রন্থ শয়তানোচিত: Neturei Karta, IMF-এর Pharisees: জন্য, প্রতিটি পরিকল্পনা: Shoah:, ইজরায়েল বিরুদ্ধে, শুধু নিজের লোকদের, ecc .. কারণ, প্যারাসাইট না: বিরুদ্ধে: সমস্ত পিপলস? কোনো অপরাধ করতে ইচ্ছুক!

bateraezintasun, artean, kristautasuna, eta Masoneria: Jahbulon: jainko Baal: zuria, Bohemiako Grove, 666, 322 NDF): eta, egia Judaismoa (YHWH)? bateraezinak dira! 666 excommunications, aurka Masoneria? dira: guztiak penal: adiskideek, banku seigniorage: NDF: Herrien guztiak etsai. Masonic sistema hau: demokrazia faltsu guztiak. dute urratu: estrategiko moneta subiranotasuna! ez da erraza, nire lankide, bere Headmaster mehatxupean, ulertu ahal izateko, ez da gehiago demokrazia, 1. adierazpen askatasuna, 2. la libertad de conciencia, 3. irakaskuntza askatasuna, izan ere, gai hauek dira tabu, eskola Masonic Italian! Ez nahastu duzu, inoiz ez, handia da: traizio konstituzionala, pertsona judu! Big penala, 666 Pharisees bakarrik dira: Talmud sataniko: Neturei Karta, NMF Pharisees, bakoitzaren plangintza: Shoah: aurka, bere pertsona propioa, Israel, ECC .. delako, parasitoak egin: aurka: Herri guztiak? delitua edozein egiteko prest daude!

uyğunsuzluq arasında, xristianlıq və Masonluq: Jahbulon: Bohemian Grove, 666, BVF 322) da bayquş,: tanrı Baal və doğru yəhudilik (YHWH)? zidd! masonluq qarşı 666 excommunications ilə? onlar bütün cinayət: əlbir olan seigniorage bank: BVF: bütün xalqlarının düşmən. Bu masonik sistemi: bütün saxta demokratiyaların. pozub: daha strateji valyuta suverenliyini! daha demokratik, 1 var ki, anlamaq, onun direktoru tərəfindən təhdid mina əməkdaşı üçün asan deyil. söz azadlığı, 2. vicdan azadlığı, 3. tədris azadlıq, çünki, bu mövzular məktəb Mason İtalyan, tabu var! Siz səhv etmək deyil, heç vaxt, bu yüksək: konstitusiya xəyanət ilə, yəhudi insanlar! Böyük cinayət, yalnız 666 Pharisees var: Talmud şeytan: Neturei karta, BVF Pharisees: üçün hər planlaşdırılması: Shoah: öz xalqına qarşı, İsrail, ECC .. çünki parazit etmək: qarşı: bütün xalqlarının? hər hansı bir cinayət etməyə hazırıq!

Անհամատեղելիությունը միջեւ, քրիստոնէություն, եւ Freemasonry: Jahbulon Աստուած Baal: owl - ին, ժամը Bohemian Grove, 666, 322) ԱՄՀ եւ, ճշմարիտ Հուդաիզմ (YHWH) անհամատեղելի են: հետ, 666 excommunications, դեմ, freemasonry. Դրանք են բոլոր քրեական: մեղսակիցներից, որ բանկային ֆեոդալի իրավունք: ԱՄՀ թշնամի բոլոր ժողովուրդները. Սա մասոնական համակարգը: բոլոր կեղծ ժողովրդավարական խախտել են ավելի ռազմավարական դրամական ինքնիշխանությունը. հեշտ չէ մի գործընկերոջ մեկը, սպառնացել են նրա տնօրեն, հասկանալու համար, որ, չկա ավելի ժողովրդավարական, 1. խոսքի ազատությունը, 2. խղճի ազատության մասին, 3. ազատության ուսուցման, քանի որ այդ թեմաներն են տաբու է, որ դպրոցի Masonic Իտալիայում. Պետք չէ շփոթել, երբեք, այս բարձր: Սահմանադրական դավաճան, հետ, Հրեաները! Big քրեական, ընդամենը 666 Փարիսեցիները: Talmud սատանայական: Neturei Karta, Փարիսեցիներ, որ ԱՄՀ - ի, պլանավորման Յուրաքանչյուր: Shoah: դեմ, սեփական ժողովրդի, Իսրայել, ecc .. որովհետեւ, անել Parasites: դեմ: Բոլոր ժողովուրդներն? պատրաստ են անել ցանկացած հանցագործության.

التعارض بين والمسيحية والماسونية: Jahbulon: الله بعل: البومة، في غروف بوهيميا، 666، صندوق النقد الدولي 322): و، صحيح اليهودية (يهوه)؟ غير متوافقة! مع، 666 الحرمان الكنسي، ضد، الماسونية؟ وهم: جميع الجنائية: المتواطئين، من رسوم سك العملات المصرفية: صندوق النقد الدولي: العدو من جميع الشعوب. هذا النظام الماسوني: من جميع الديمقراطيات الزائفة. انتهكت: السيادة النقدية أكثر استراتيجية! ليس من السهل على زميل لي، مهددة ناظر المدرسة الذي أخذ لفهم، أنه لم يعد هناك ديمقراطيات، 1. حرية التعبير، 2. حرية الضمير، 3. حرية التدريس، لأنه، هذه المواضيع هي من المحرمات، في الماسونية الإيطالية المدرسة! كنت وينبغي عدم الخلط، أبدا، هذا عالية: الخيانة الدستورية، مع، الشعب اليهودي! كبيرة الجنائية، ليست سوى 666 الفريسيين: التلمود الشيطاني: جماعة ناطوري كارتا، والفريسيين لصندوق النقد الدولي: ل، والتخطيط لكل: المحرقة: ضد، شعبهم، وإسرائيل، ECC .. لأنه، للقيام الطفيليات: ضد: كل الشعوب؟ هم على استعداد للقيام بأي جريمة!

mospërputhje, ndërmjet, Krishterimi, dhe Frankmasoneria: Jahbulon: zot Baal: owl, në Bohemian Grove, 666, 322) FMN: dhe, vërtetë Judaizmi (YHWH)? janë të papajtueshme! me, 666 excommunications, kundër, masonerisë së lirë? ato janë: të gjithë penale: bashkëpunëtorët, i drejtë e zoti bankare: FMN: armiku i të gjithë popujve. Ky sistem masonike: të gjitha demokracitë e rreme. kanë shkelur: sovranitetin e më strategjike monetare! nuk është e lehtë për një koleg i imi, është kërcënuar nga drejtor shkolle e tij, për të kuptuar se, nuk ka demokracive më, 1. liria e fjalës, 2. liria e ndërgjegjes, 3. lirinë e mësimdhënies, sepse, këto tema janë tabu, në italisht masonike shkollor! Ju nuk duhet të ngatërrohet asnjëherë, kjo larta: tradhti kushtetuese, me, populli i Judenjve! Big penale, janë vetëm 666 Farisenjtë: Talmudi satanike: Neturei Karta, farisenjtë i FMN-së: për të, planifikimin e secilit: Shoah: kundër popullit të tyre, Izrael, ecc .. sepse, për të bërë parazitëve: kundër: të gjithë popujve? janë të gatshëm të bëjnë çdo krim!

onverenigbaarheid, tussen die Christendom, en Vrymesselary: Jahbulon: god Baäl: uil, by Bohemian Grove, 666, IMF 322) en, waar Judaïsme (JHWH)? onverenigbaar is! met 666 excommunications, teen die Vrymesselary? hulle is: alle kriminele: makkers, van die seigneuriage bank: IMF: 'n vyand van al die volke. Dit Masonic sisteem: van al die valse demokrasieë. oortree het: meer strategiese monetêre soewereiniteit! is nie maklik vir 'n kollega van my, bedreig deur sy skoolhoof, te verstaan, dat, daar is nie meer demokrasieë, 1. vryheid van spraak, 2. vryheid van gewete, 3. vryheid van onderrig, omdat hierdie onderwerpe is taboe, in die skool Masonic Italiaanse! Om nie te verwar word, nooit, hierdie hoë verraad grondwetlike, met die Joodse volk! Big misdadiger, is slegs 666 Fariseërs: Talmud sataniese: Neturei Karta, skrifgeleerdes en Fariseërs van die IMF, beplanning van elk: Shoah: teen hul eie mense, Israel, ECC .. want, die parasiete doen: teen: alle mense? bereid is om enige misdaad te doen!

[incompatibility, between, Christianity, and Freemasonry] Freemasonry (Jahbulon: god owl, at Bohemian Grove, 666, IMF 322): and, true Judaism (YHWH)? are incompatible! with, 666 excommunications, against, freemasonry? they are: all criminal: accomplices, of the banking seigniorage: IMF: enemy of all Peoples. This system Masonic: of all the false democracies. have violated: more strategic monetary sovereignty! is not easy for a colleague of mine, Threatened by his Headmaster, to understand, That, there is no more Democracies, 1. freedom of speech, 2. freedom of conscience, 3. freedom of teaching, because, These topics are taboo, in the school Masonic Italian! You Not to be confused, never, this high: treason constitutional, with, Jewish people! Big criminal, are only 666 Pharisees: satanic Talmud: Neturei Karta, Pharisees of the IMF: for, planning of each: Shoah: against, Their own people, Israel, etc. .. Because, to do the parasites of all peoples? are willing to do any crime!